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Exercise on SS

Now that the kids go back to school on Monday I shall be back to the gym. I usually do a fitness class on a Tuesday and a gym visit one other day in the week. :character00115:

I'm worried that I won't have the energy to do the class (I can take it easier in the gym and see how I go) now I'm on CD SS (will be day 6 when I go to the class). I usually have porridge (Oat So Simple made with water) and a banana before I go other wise I get a bit light headed as I have low blood pressure, so hoping a CD porridge will be enough.

What have your experiences been with exercise on CD SS?
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Well I've played Netball, and also worked 2 jobs and took an indian Head massage class at night. In the next few weeks I'm going to br training for Race for Life more intensively - BUT, I don't get any lightheadedness when on CD, or have existing low Blood Pressure.

Please take it easy when you go to your classes, and if you feel lightheaded stop/scale back.

CD is a lot for your body to adjust to.
I too have had low blood pressure and experienced lightheadedness, it's not fun. I'd too like to know what is the best form of exercise. I'll be walking to and from school tomorrow on the school run with kids but I'd like to take up my weekly sessions of squash again. Swimming would be good but most pools tend to have lane swimming or too many kids in it...
Thanks guys. The class I do is Bodypump so quite high impact. Will take lots of water and just march on the spot if I feel rubbish. Will let you know how I get on.
im a postwoman and deliver to lots of flats and since i started cd i feel so tired when at work. im barely able to make it up all the steps but im hoping it will get better. the more you do something the easier it becomes i hope xx


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I normally do Aqua aerobics twice a week and the gym once a week on a CD porridge and have been fine :D

No aqua this week the pool is closed for repairs :sigh:
Thanks guys, will take it easy I think end then build it up gradually.
I did think about getting bars for days when I go to the gym but I'm not sure I can stop myself from eating them when they are in the house, lol! I'm assuming the extra exercise means they don't effect your weight losses?
Doing a lot of exercise on ss can actually slow your losses down so no having an extra shake/tetra on exercise days doesn't affect losses. If you're exercising it should be because you want to tone up or get fitter but not to speed up weight loss because it can have the opposite effect since we're on such low cals already!
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I used to do aqua aerobics, it's literally an aerobics class in the water. The instructor stands on the side and you do the same as her but in the water and it's to music. Some classes do floor exercises afterwards, but I think that depends on the instuctor and of course the space available.

Good luck and have fun


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I used to aqua aerobics and I loved it. Its just what it says on the tin - Aerobics in the water! The water works as resistance - it's great for toning up :) xx


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Tilly, I'll think about it, haha! T'is a bit of a trek for me without a car, and I'm only a 5 min walk from my own leisure centre haha (maybe i should use it. . . )

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