Exercise - what is it doing to me?????


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Well, my weight loss has stalled (I've not been ss'ing nor calorie counting well either to be truthful....) but am exercising daily (an hour cardio, abs exercises and weights to tone...). My body has changed but I'm still a 16. I want to be a 12-14 but it seems almost impossible. Is the exercise a bad idea? Should I just diet? I can't really get my head arounf food at the moment. Any advice gratefully received - at least I'll be able to do the Race for Life without dying this year.... :) :) :) PS my menstral cycle is still changing - 3 days different each month. Is this bad? Is it due to the exercise?????
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With all the stress your under I think you the exercising is performing a couple of funtions...one it is good for you and keeping you fit and toned and also it is shown the exercise helps lift your mood.

Also it does help curb the excessive appetite.

You could always do one of the other plans and still do your workout.

Kate is very good on this as she knows a lot about exercising and she is also a CDC.

Here is the link to her diary thread.


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