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Exercising on SS

My CDC told me not to exercise on SS, at the time I kind of laughed at the thought of me doing any formal exercise.

BUT, yesterday I spent 10 minutes on the wii fit board and felt great. Tonight I thought I'd do another 10 minutes and ended up doing 35 minutes, I got carried away (take note, Lucy got carried away doing exercise:D).

I'm I doing totally the wrong thing here?
I have so much energy at the moment, I don't want it to go to waste.

I've drunk an extra litre of water during my 35 minutes tonight.
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They advise you not to excessive excessively in the first weeks coz you may be feeling tired etc. If you feel fine than I'm sure it's okay, just try not to overdo it.

Ive been doing some exercise every week since I started
All I do is less high impact than normal drink plenty of fluid and be very aware of what my body is telling me
Today is day 2 of week 4 for me and did a 37 mile rroad bike ride
Good luck


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Yes, it's fine to exercise on SS, just don't go crazy and listen to your body.


Yes, but not a lot faster. If you exercise enough to expect to notice a big difference in your losses, you should be on a higher plan than SS+. Do some moderate exercise for all the other great health benefits and any extra weight loss is just a lovely bonus.
I have been adding my results to the Childminding WII fitters........i'm the one at the bottom! I'll soon shock them when I jump to the top!
I think exercise is a good idea. In fact my doctor recommended that I exercise while doing the diet.

It is important to listen to what your body is telling you. Don't over do it and get plenty of rest.:):):)

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I think exercise is a good idea. In fact my doctor recommended that I exercise while doing the diet.

It is important to listen to what your body is telling you. Don't over do it and get plenty of rest.:):):)
How cool that your GP supports CD. :) Low carb diets (and VLCDs) are sometimes frowned apon aren't they.. I think Dr's are either lovers or haters of ketosis!

I got through an hours Karate fine yesterday.. noticed my hand shaking at one point so had half a pint of water and seemed fine after that. :)
Hey Lucy, are you on the childminding wii fitters then lol (ruby :D)

I have been excercising so not sure, but def helps to tone up the body, shrinking it back down, I am surprised at how flat my stomache is going:D
i am not sure on the whole excercise helping weight loss thing as i was speeding with weight loss losing 3 stone in 9 weeks having 6-8lb losses per week then i started to run ....at 5 am every morning WAS SOOOOOO UNLIKE ME i was original couch potato so went to weigh in all exited .....and lost 2 lb i KNOW i should have been happy but i felt like i should have had at least 5 off lol :mad: yes i went home and eat too much of all i shouldnt :cry:
Exercise is best for toning up the muscle that you already have and building more. For burning fat you really do need to work hard and burn a lot of calories - 3700 calories over and above what your body needs just to burn one pound of fat.

For example, walking. I know this is not a strenuous exercise, but it helps to explain the point. A general formula for how many calories you burn when walking is to take your weight in pounds, double it, and then divide the result by 3.7. So, for myself, my weight is currently 196 lbs, so ((196 x 2) / 3.7) = 105 calories per mile walked. so, I would have to walk just over 35 miles to burn 1 pound of fat.

Now I may be stupid, but I'm not going to walk 35 miles just to lose 1 pound!!

Therefore, as others have already said, exercising will not significantly increase your weight loss. In fact, it has been known to have the opposite effect as the body retains more liquids to help muscle regeneration and the flushing of the resultant lactic acid .......
I've been doing exercise for the past few months and I tend to have an extra shake on the days I go running. I'm not sure t speeds up weight loss though as I think it produces muscle ...but I feel better in doing it :)
Exactly - exercise helps you tone (inch loss, shape change), and increases your general cardiovascular "wellness". Because you are fitter, you feel better .....

It's just getting to the point where exercise is something you want to do and it is a habit rather than a chore.


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