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exercising three to four times a week


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I've had it happen. Either you're perfectly balancing your eating, or you're toning up and losing inches.

Try taking your measurements and then compare in a couple weeks. I agree, it's hard when the scales don't move.
Ive been 100% all week apart going over by about 6 syns on two days but yet scales say im same weight so could be im losing inches but its disheartening. Think next week I will be increasing my superfree food and aiming for 30 mins of dvd workout every other evening :D
I'm going the gym 3x a week, swimming 2x a week (suggested by the gym instructer) I'm watching my portions and steering clear of sugary fatty goodness and I went and put on a pound!!! That was a very AARRGGHHHH moment for me :( but apparently when you start a new workout regime it is common to put on weight at first as the fat is turning to muscle apparently....still bloomin annoying lol
Muscle takes weeks if not months to develop, so if you do gain weight its more likely to be because of water retention. Ensure you drink enough water before, during and after your work out so that your body doesn't keep hold of any water you do drink!

I exercise 4-5 times per week and following slimming world lose weight (or did hahaha! back on it again now though!). So keep it up, make sure your meals include lots of veg or salad and snack on fruit!! Good luck :D
I started my exercise regime last night :) Did 30 mins cardio box (davina dvd). Its fat burning intervals with boxing moves :) Im planning to do it every other day so will do it tomorrow then thursday & so on :D

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