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Extra Easy Days Extra Easy ratio's!


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Whenever I try extra easy I alway think im eating far too much. Getting the ratios of 2/3 free to 1/3 superfree makes me nervous. My SWC said it doesnt matter what size your plate is as long as you get the ratios right. But, I think I pile my plate far too high.

So my question is if I pile my 2/3 free quite high and pile my 1/3 superfree quite high would that be ok? Or would I be better off having 2nds and keeping the piles at a normal hight, lol!
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I recond that both suggestions are ok, the main point is the free food filling the plate up. SW what ever is on the plate must be balanced in regard to healthy food and as well we all forget we should eat until comfortable.

Phil x

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My consultant suggests that you don't need superfree aactually on your plate. You could have free food only meal then snack o superfree which would make up the balance for that meal. Nothing needs to be piled high - just have normal portions and go back IF you need anymore.


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Well I love big portions and ive done a prawn curry for tomorrow so im having it with rice and superfree ratatouille. Apart from the prawns the sauce is superfree too, so, I think ill be ok piling it up :D


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S: 15st11.5lb C: 15st11.5lb BMI: 38 Loss: 0st0lb(0%)
Ive been neglecting my water lately and I can tell the difference when I dont drink enough so Im definitely going to get that back on track tomorrow!
this aspect is sooooo important in SW plans alot of people struggle with it. i tend to fill my bottle up with sugar free robinsons squash and watch it go through the day. i actualy drink mote like 3/4 a day as i do alot of workout.

Phil x


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If you feel you're piling your plate too high, then you probably are. How about having smaller portions and see how you feel after eating it? If you're still feeling a bit hungry then have some more. That way you'll be able to gauge how much you need to feel satisfied. I prefer to judge by how I feel rather than how much food is on my plate. If it takes big piles to satisfy you then go for it! But I suggest starting with a bit less and see. Good luck!

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