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extra syns??

:sigh: I was hoping someone could help me, i can only start going to my local meeting on the 15th Nov.. due to numbers anyway i'm doing it myself for now.

I am going to a party at the weekend and i can sort out getting diet mixers for drinks but how do u work the extra syn thing. I've seen it posted on a few threads now people having more syns for do's

Ta everyone x x
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I will be a Princess!
Hiya hun. If you flexi syn preperly you set yourself a limit for that day, be it 40, 50, 60, 70, 100 etc. This isn't taken out of your normal syn allowance of 105 per week. You allow yourself food/drink up to the value you have allowed (or less if you find you don't need them all) and then carry on as normal the next day i.e. you can still have up to 15 syns.

Flexi syn days don't guarantee you a loss or a maintain, but they give you an element of control during unavoidable social situations, and prevent the "Oh damn, I've blown my syns for the week so I may as well carry on eating/drinking as much as I like until WI".

I hope that makes sense hun, feel free to ask any questions though if it didn't make sense! :)

Sian xxx


I will be a Princess!
Alternatively, you can save up some extra syns over the week (i.e. allow yourself 5 syns a day for 6 days and save up 75 for the night out). This means you stay within your syn allowance if you really don't want to do a flexi syn day :) xxx
awh brilliant thank you,

Think i'll try save up some syns and if i have take a few extra, i'm not a massive drinker anyway and to be honest when it's house parties i do tend to keep myself in control of what i drink. But you never know how the night will pan out so better being safe than sorry. Just hope my costume arrives in time x x

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