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[email protected]#! Sake im back again.... and bigger than ever!

Ok.... so ive not been on here since easily 2015...
Short version of the boring same old story..
Lost 5 stone. Started with cambridge. Then toyed around with 5-2 Cal counting. S.W Etc... started april 2012. Married oct 2013. Felt amazing. Looked amazing.
Weight begins to creep on...
Sept 2014 pregnant baby no..3.
Had her june 2015. Am actually bigger now than i was after the birth

So... tonight i have reached that breaking point yet again. Had enough. I feel disgusting.
I think for now i will return back to cal counting as as much as id love to go back to vlcd i dont feel i can do it...
It was so so so hard.

Im ashamed that i was that big inspiration once to so many others. And now, what a con. What a disappointment to everyone. Esp my children.

Action must be taken.
Please help me. Id love some diet buddies as i find it really motivating to have people around me struggling too.

August 8th 2017 is the beginning.... 3stone needs to go! FOREVER

15.8.17... -5lbs (13st)
22.8.17... -0 (13st) (V festival!)
29.8.17.... -3lbs (12st 11lbs)
5.9.17.... -2lbs (12st 9lbs)
12.9.17.... +1lb (12st 10lbs) my bday!!
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Oh don't be sad! You're not the only one... I did WW a few years ago and got to target... put it all back on. Did SW lost loads... put it all back on and more. It's something 1000s of women suffer with.

I am literally just starting from scratch again today as I'm getting married in December and would like to try and lose just under 2 stone by then so I have photos to look back at that make me smile instead of cringe!!

We can help each other :)

LP x
Hey! Thanks for stopping by!
Getting married kept me on track for sure. I was a 10st 4lb bride. 2 years previously i was over 15st and a size 18.
My dress was a 10!
You can do this... i love looking at my pictures. It reminds me of how i felt that day. So definitely give it your all. But remember the odd day off or treat wont do perminent damage. Sometimes its better than being 100% restricted, or else you risk having a huge blow out! Cue... welcome to my world!!!
Im addicted to sugar. No doubt about it. I eat sweets / chocolate vertually every single day. Its not right.

So today day 1..... breakfast will be a low fat yog with a handful of berries and a pint of water.
Hi! I remember you - you were an inspiration and you still are! You're still working at improving yourself. You haven't given up.

I used to be on here as dietninja and followed you back in 2015! Seems so long ago. I was in the twelves and battling to get down. I'm now in the 14s and battling to get back to the twelves, grrr, so you are not alone.

I truly think one diet doesn't work - they all have things that work for some and not for others - but if we follow someone else's diet we are putting responsibility in their hands and not taking it for ourselves.

I think if we mix and match taking the best from a range of plans, effectively designing our own plan, it becomes our own and we include things that work best for us and our current headspace if that makes sense?

I was inspired by cynicalgirls diary "my skinny rules" to form my own list of skinny rules that work for me, at this time. When I go on holiday, in there weeks time, I'll need to tweak them, and again when I return. This will effectively mean it's a life long plan for me.

I do hope this helps (no one so virtuous as the born again dieter!!!) but whatever you do, lots and lots of luck!

Ah dont say that. I am a big fat failure! I alwaya used to think to myself how silly people were to spnd all that time dieting just to put it back on again. Bloody pointless but i tell ya. Its so easily done. It really really is.
Im hearing you for sure. Im not going to follow anything specific. It will be a mixture of low carb. Cal counting too.
But i must address my addiction to sugar. I have some exante shakes here which i may end up having as a meal replacement.
I really think the posting on here helped me last time. So i will be back full swing and accountable!!! I also need to be weighed by someone else, but at this point i dont want to join any clubs or anything.... so will have to try and trust myself.
I'm half using shakes or packs at the mo. Desperate to shed something before my beach holiday in 2 weeks but can't manage full vlcd
Yes i kwym. The full vlcd is not appealing. How on earth did i do it before?! They kind of make me gag now... tho the bars are edible.
2 weeks is doable! How much r u hoping for? Minimal carbs may help??
I'm trying to lose a stone in 3 weeks, am 5 days in so weigh day on Thurs.

I had to go and visit my parents this weekend so haven't been having packs just limiting the calories and carbs and exercising, but back home tonight and then I'm aiming for low carb under 1000 cals a day (so 3 packs and a meal) and daily exercise.

I feel so much better already - much less bloated. It only takes a few days to build confidence (I've started so many diets and lasted less than a day or two, there's always an excuse to start tomorrow)
A stone in 3 weeks is doable i would say. Back in cambridge days i did a stone in 2wks... so as long as you continue like you are. Youll do it.... r u planning to put it back on while your away??! Or be good! I lost 10lbs before my hols in may. I put 7 back on whilst i was away!!!! I did enjoy the cocktails tho!
Difficult because it's all inclusive! I think I'm going to be realistic - there's no way I'm going to stay on packs, but I might try and be good for breakfast and lunch (either stay low carb or have half portions) then have what I want in the evening.

I'm away again on a beach holiday in December and if I don't go too mad this holiday I stand a chance of actually being at goal for my Christmas holiday which would be amazing! I've got 5 stone to lose (but 4 is probably more realistic) in total so it will be tight regardless as there's only 20 weeks til Christmas.... so the less damage I do the better!
Yes its doable especially if you feel now is the time??!
All incl is a killer though!! The food is delicious! But most places usually have a great spread of different salads too so hopefully all the good stuff will still tempt you?

I need to lose 2stone. But i dont think it will be enough. And perhaps in the end 3?
Im 30 next year. And we are saving hard for a tummy tuck. My rapid weight gain / loss has ruined my tummy. And even at 10st odd i had awful saggy belly skin. So that is my goal.
Im not totally hung up on a weight. But id like to comfortably be a size 12 again. Im a standard 16 now (with the odd 14 or 18 item too)
Todays food:,
Breakfast low fat yog with a banana & berries
Lunch 1/2 tuna sandwhich with 15g salad cream & cucumber.
5 slices wafer ham & low fat yog.
Dinner 3 roasted chicken drumsticks & salad. 15g heinz light mayo.
MFP logged 904 cals for the day!

Im hungry for something sweet. But thats habit for this time of the evening... if i feel like im gonna cave il have some strawberries. But hoping my next Litre of water will keep me going.
Good start :) I've had some cherries for my sweet fix this evening. I'm more of a savoury beast though. I had to have a bag of pop chips this afternoon for a salty treat
Hi I'm in the same boat as most on here .I was a target slimming world member but have now gained 3 stone and struggling .trousers are now tight and I feel awful so today I'm getting back to it .I just need encouraging. It's so hard when we love our food ,Sam.
Hi Sam.
Yes its awful isnt it when youve done all the work to lose it. How does it get back on??? Its hard to notice. But then pictures pop up and your like ohhh dear.... yep i got fat again!!!
We can get each other through! Feeling confident today.
Hi Sam.
Yes its awful isnt it when youve done all the work to lose it. How does it get back on??? Its hard to notice. But then pictures pop up and your like ohhh dear.... yep i got fat again!!!
We can get each other through! Feeling confident today.

Yes very frustrating,why do we do it? Every time I say I'm not putting it back on again and what's happened. Oh dear! Oh well it's only me can change it! So I'm saying goodbye to the 17 stone and hi to the 14s again! We can do it! .I will weigh in next Monday Or Tuesday,Good luck everyone ! Sam.
Thing is im hopefully getting a tummy tuck next year... but what if i get fat again after that??!! Thats £7k down the drain. Wish i didnt have the emotional connection i have with food. Im tired i eat. Im angry i eat. Im happy i eat... such an idiot

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