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F4C3BOOK - Your history...


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I have writted the popular social networking sites name in weird letters up there because if I mention it then the work system blocks access. So please don't mention the FB word or I won't be able to reply :cry:

I logged on last night and was looking through pictures, old pictures, horrible, horrible pictures which to be quite honest I can't even believe I used to look like that.

Nearly 1,500 tagged pictures of me, 86 albums of holidays and nights out I had put up etc.

I spent 4 hours going through all albums and deleting all pictures of me from before I reached my goal. I then went through the rest 900 and removed tags on other peoples pictures. I now have 600 pictures of myself from nights out and holidays from the last 6 months or so... if you added me now, you'd never know I was fat.

My history, my old life, the old me... deleted. Never to be seen again. Quite liberating really!!!

Anyone done similar? :4633:
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I've done the same Alex.. i HATE having my picture taken, i'm normally on the other side of the camera, the ones i do have up are ONLY the ones that i approve, if anyone puts horrible pics of me up i cringe.. and then i mail the owner to remove it.. as well as i untag any photos of me and have my privacy settings set up to only show me the tagged photos without showing up on everyone's homepage.

I do not want to be this person, I'm very social and i'm a performer and i'm always somewhere where there are cameras.. the last event I was at was a fundraiser for my sports team and it was a theme night so media was there and I was horrified at all the pics and now they are posted on websites and youtube that i can't untag or ignore :(

I used to love my photo being taken, i used to be a much more confident person and i want that girl back ! I want to be able to look straight in the lens and pose for a photo.. i'm workin on it ! :)

you look great ! and you look like a completely different person.. no-one would recognize you anyway ! lol
I haven`t reached my goal weight but am already tempted to remove pictures of my fat self. Alex you are not vain. Most of us feel like that after we realise how disguisting we have become lol.


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Mate, you must have the patience of a saint - I can't stand FB's photo interface - it's so clumsy!
Well done on reaching target though! :D


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Mate, you must have the patience of a saint - I can't stand FB's photo interface - it's so clumsy!
Well done on reaching target though! :D
It's the earliest pictures that are the hardest to remove! SO SLOW!! :eek:

Most of my pictures were in my own albums so I just clicked edit album and ticked delete on the ones of me and then went through and removed tags on the others.

Quite happy now.
I changed all of my settings so no one could see any of the pictures I use to be tagged in. Although you should not be ashamed of them. Its just shows how far you have come. xxx

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