Chris Judson

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C: 13st8.0lb G: 12st0lb BMI: 26.5

weigh in wednesday again last night in Knowle..

+1lb Gain = 13st9lbs. I am now 1st4.5lbs over where i was at my lowest

feel like such a failure, and in the process because i dont actually know how to emotionally handle a gain, i had a proper melt down/got angry/got upset.

just need to get my lazy ass back to a gym...
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Ms Skittles

Hey. Don't feel like a failure over a small gain! From the start of your journey you have lost so much and done so well!!
Next week is a new week.
You will be down for sure!
Normal to feel angry/upset. I absolutely hate seeing that + on the weight, but it happens from time to time so don't he hard on yourself!!
Your before and after is well inspirational!
Be proud and focus on next week :)
Ms S


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Just keep reminding yourself about what you've achieved and dont use the word fail. ;-)