Fallen off the wagon.....


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I have well and truly fallen off the wagon. Started on Christmas Eve with my boss buying us all lunch at work, then the Indian takeaway in the evening. Then the goose fat potatoes etc yesterday. OMG! :eek:
I just don't have the will power to have a slimming world Christmas and life is so short. Why spend Christmas miserable? :cry:
SO, I am having a break and will start again as soon as I feel ready. No doubt I will have put on all that I have lost over the past few weeks but I'm sure I will lose it again once my willpower and motivation return.
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I hope you enjoy the rest of your time off plan, come back to it as soon as you can though xx


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I took yesterday and today off plan too. Don't worry about it too much. There are bound to be times when you can't stick rigidly to a plan. I've eaten loads of chocolate and rubbish, but am intending to jump back on board after tomorrow. Whether or not I'll succeed is another matter entirely, but as long as the will is there!

Good luck x


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I feel your pain :cry: I have been uber pig or so it seems, but I am back 100% tomorrow :D I can't eat anymore fat, I really can't.


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S: 19st11lb C: 17st6lb G: 13st0lb Loss: 2st5lb(11.91%)
It's amazing actually because with just 3 days of being off Slimming World I feel terrible. I haven't had an attack of IBS since I started the plan but tonight I am having the worst attack ever. My tummy is so bloated that I look pregnant and I have the worst cramps. Serves me right though as I have been a complete piggy and all the fat I've consumed is wreaking havoc on my body. Why do I do it????


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I feel your pain sista!!!!! I have wrote in my food diary how awful I feel in the hope it will put me off going so mad again!!!!