Carpe diem
Hi Ailsa

Guess who fits into the H&M moleskin trousers??? :D :D :D

That is SO utterly fab - as are you - am absolutely made up for you!!!! Ignore the label - H&M have titchy tiny sizes - I was wearing those in April when I was in size 16/18 everything else.

Oh no, you won't want any of my old clothes in November - they'll all be too BIG for you!! Am still hoping to get babysitter for the boy (my sister is away that weekend) but probably won't be staying - just visiting afternoon and evening! Might be coming with my newest client - FFF on here - she's lovely and like you she's got peachy skin I'd kill for and looks way younger than her actual age! On holiday I was taken for my friend's sister (she's 60 next month) - sigh:( , I was soooooo miffed I didn't tell her what the stall holder had said (it was in Spanish and my friend doesn't speak it) and fumed for the rest of the day before eating mega amounts of ice cream - like that really helps!!!!!! It's no wonder that I gained 19lbs in 10 days - 9.5lbs gone since Monday tho - thank goodness for SS!!!

Hope you are still enjoying Uni, you skinny Brainiac!!
Fingers crossed we'll meet again in November!