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FAO Chel & Jess

Hey Hey :)

I just wondered if either of you would fancy giving Aquafit a go?

They have a class at the Arena on a Friday evening, Though I`m not sure how much it costs :confused:

Personally, I would prefer if it wasn`t set in stone to go EVERY week. Just as and when we could fit it in, Though obvs make a bit of an effort TO fit it in if that makes sense? lol

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Every year, I do RFL with my girls at Stoke Park in Guildford. I just wondered if either of you do it too? Or would like to?


Every year, I do RFL with my girls at Stoke Park in Guildford. I just wondered if either of you do it too? Or would like to?

Hi SS, I did RFL a few years ago (walked most of it) Might be up for it again this year but depends when its on as we are probably going to be doing the 12 mile walk for the Naomi house Children's hospice again, which is in early June. Can you find out when RFL is on?

At the moment, I am committed to the British Military fitness thing, although my stomach muscles still feel really sore (possible tear). If I can get out of that commitment I might be up for the Aquafit. Can't afford to do both unfortunately. I'll let you know if BMF will let me cancel. I think it is too tough as no account is taken of age, fitness levels and I felt pressured into doing more than I felt comfortable with, so as not to let my partner/team down and I am paying for it big-time.

:eek: That sounds horrendous!! I hope you manage to get out of it!

When and where is the 12 mile walk you`re doing? I`d be very interested in that :)

RFL is on Saturday 18th June -

Guildford - Race for Life - Cancer Research UK

I always do the afternoon one as I`m not a morning person, And neither are my girls LOL I will be doing a brisk walk as my little one is only 5 and won`t be up to running. I think Harley might be arranging to run/jog it with one of her friends so it may just be Takara & I ;)

I haven`t signed up yet, And won`t do for a few months probably.

Thought I`d bump this with the possible suggestion of Zumba! ;)

My (now ex) cdc told me of a class in Frimley on a Tuesday evening and I was thinking of giving this a go next month MAYBE. It depends on funds really, As I`m now doing the RC class every week (tho I`m paid up there for the next 5 weeks) but I thought it might get me exercising more, I dunno?:confused:

I had a blast at my first class tonight if either of you ever think it might be an option for you? I`m not doing the RC diet, Just healthy low fat/cals etc eating and their exercise class was great. I`m still on the fence a bit about the Salsa part as I am RUBBISH!!! and therefore didn`t really push myself so am worried it won`t mean I lose any weight :( I have absolutely NO co-ordination and was stood like a lemon half the time :rolleyes: lmao

BUT OH MY LIFE!!! The toning/stretching exercises we did after :eek: I think I am going to be feeling those in places I never even knew existed hahaha

I was absolutely gutted that they weighed me FOUR lbs heavier than my scales :eek::cry: but I am going to go with my unnoficial WI and their official WI like before as my works scales match mine and I know for a fact that they`re accurate as they`re the drs scales and never move from the room. I found it a bit odd that they weighed you with everything on, Inc your trainers?!?!?? So I`m allowing the extra pounds for my glasses and trainers :p haha She did tell me that I`m not eating enough though and that I have to increase my food :/

Off to ramble in my own thread now where no doubt I`ll repeat much of this! ;) :p

Hon, Zumba sounds great fun but it clashes with my WI day.........still, I could always change the WI to say a Monday.

Where in Frimley, what time does it start and how many pennies?????????

The extra 4lbs on RC's scales is undoubtedly the clothing and trainers. I reckon trainers must weigh a couple of lbs alone. So I really wouldn't worry about it. Still tell yourself that you have only 10lbs to lose. :D

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