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Favourite flavour?


Getting her sparkle back
As with everything. your preference will differ.

However, I strongly recommend NOT getting Tomato pack....horrid and I have not met anyone who likes it.

My favourites are the chilli, chocolate (for making a hot chocolate at night) porridge (some say it's too sweet), Thai chilli, nut fudge bar, peanut bar. But I still have all the rest for variety.

I suggest you try and see what works for you.

Still not tried any water flavouring yet. so can not comment.


Getting her sparkle back
Ooh thank you for the recommendations!

Am quite excited to try the thai chilli and the chilli con carne :)
1 other thing. Try and have a mindset that this is not food but is nutrition that will sustain you.

The flavour, texture, satisfaction is not what you would get from food. The packs get me through my nutritional requirements whilst on LL, I do not expect pleasure.

I think LL is trying to change us from our addiction to food, so they remove it (for now). Just like you would with an alcoholic or drug user or gambler. Take away the vice so that the mind can change. (I think)


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well now when i first started LL i liked almost everything(tomato and chocolate were a no no for me) but then slowly my taste buds i think got bored of them but wat im sticking to now is porridge, strawberry, banana, and the peanut bar. i also like a little of the nut fudge bar and vanilla.
I'm with you Flexi.
I never thought of it as food. The flavours are just to make it palatable so you can ensure you get all the vitamins and minerals you require.
After a year on LL Iwas surprised to find my tastes in food were quite changed.
Flavours of everything seemed so much more intense - even lettuce!
It has been such an interesting time re-introducing food in a controlled way.
I have maintained now for 18 months and never been tempted to go back to my old eating habits.
I still enjoy lovely food, but in moderation. I don't deny myself treats - the difference is I don't have them all the time now!
sb, can not wait to get there and have that same experience.

Tasty food becomes even tastier...sounds great


Gotta Make A Change
Peanut bar all the WAY :)
me too kenshin its my fav too.:)
nut fudge is the winner for me. Its good to suck on and It can last me an hour.

I take it to have at the cinema as a treat. I love it. I use it as my treat a couple times a week only.

My day to day favourite is a hot chocolate after my evening walk before bed. Love that.

Getting sick of the chilli now, moving towards vegtable soup now. I like the salty pepperyness of it now. strange how Ive changed


Determined to succeed
My obsession has moved from the mushroom soup to the veg soup. From the veg soup to the thai chilli soup and now this week its the chilli con carne. Im even havin it for breakfast :D.


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I love the banana shakes, and the strawberry one as a mousse mmm


Determined to succeed
Oh Mel u look fantastic. Havent seen u on for a while. How are u getting on luv x
Melarnz, thats an amazing weightloss. you're looking absolutly fabulous.
ive only just started and disliked the soups i have tried so far and porridge was not for me at all. I love the shakes.
yay! when the bars are introduced the best ones so far i think are the nut fudge and peanut!
Today is my first day :) can't believe I have made it through the first day - I had chilli con carnie for tea and I have to say it was vile I binned it and had chicken soup instead yummy!!!!

I'm going to try the porridge tomorrow


Getting her sparkle back
Am on day 13 and have gone from not minding the chocolate shakes to absolutely hating them! Can just about manage them with a couple of sweeteners but think I might swap some at my meeting tomorrow!

Also, is it wise to have a bar a day or should they only be eaten a few times a week?
I used to love the Stawberry shake - it was my favourite pack of the day! I've just had my first since the new and improved ones came out and Eugh! Really hope it's just that my taste bubs need to adjust.

I used to dislike the Vanilla but have grown to like it recently, yet to have the new formulation of that one though. Thought I'd re-try the Choc soon (which I also went off) as it's amazing how much your taste does change on this plan. Like all the soups except the Chilli one (don't like the chewy bits!). Bar wise I like the Cranberry and the Peanut ones best.
wow charliefarlie. nearly 3 stone in less than 3 months for someone with huge percentages losses is fantastic.

phenominal work, im still amazed how much people loose on this.

21% loss. Im hoping for about 25% loss and you are inspiring.

thanks for sharing and posting on here to keep me focussed.

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