Favourite Nail Brand & Colour?!?!


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colly strings

ooh la la
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as in nail varnish? chanel rouge noir is a classic, i also like chanel splendeur for a bit of brightness!

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Funnily enough, I like Nail Paint by BarryM, the super red one. I don't think the colour has a name; at least it doesn't say on my bottle!


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Hey :)

OPI!!!!! Its A Doozi Says Suzi is my current favourite :D

Ohhh I just got way too excited there :eek:


Lei xx


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Has to be Jessica... expensive but lasts for ages and is really shiny so no top coat needed. I love the pastel colours that are in fashion at the moment. I have pale blue, pale pink, lilac, mint green and lemon :)


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ok im a varnish freak and have got so many favs i cant list but i love the opi range followed by revlon and avon do the best high gloss top coat it drys as soon as you put it on, which is ace if you havnt got any speed dry


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Opi all the way for me, Im into the spanish colours atm


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Thanks Girls,

Well I ordered a huge Haul from E-bay the other week..
Recently I have been into my China Glaze, they have so many gorgeous shades though..

I Like OPI too & Happy Anniversary is one of my Fave's..

At the moment though I love China Glaze Ruby Slippers, its the most gorgeous glittery red I have ever seen in my life, if you love red nail varnish I advise you look it up!! ;)


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I'm an OPI girl! Current fave is Big apple red. I also like Chanel, essie and China Glaze polishes, but the OPI pro-wide brush has left me spoilt so I have no time for thin brushes now! haha.

OPI nail envy is also a god-send.


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OPI, Leighton Denny and Nails Inc for me, I like loads of different colours, no favourite at the moment. I am wearing Nails Inc - Lowndes Square today which is a Grilac shade from the Autumn/Winter collection :)
Opi nail lacquer is a really good, well-established brand of nail varnish...it's long lasting, doesn't chip easily at all, and they have loads of really gorgeous colours to choose from. Quite reasonably priced too. My personal favourite for nail colour has to be red...it's a classic colour for nails that suits any skin tone, and will never go out of fashion.

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Re: Favourite Nail Brand & Colour?!?!

If you like nail varnish..nail Inc is very good and nice colours available. It's £12, but is free with company magazine this month. So I bought about ten mags!!!
I usually pay £12 a bottle so well chuffed!:)
Got loads now!


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I love OPI and Jessica and Nails Inc!!! but I always have problems with soft nails and varnish chipping. Not sure how some people managed to keep varnich chip free for ages!!! I have tried Nail Envy and it made no difference to my nails :(


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OPI is definitely my favourite. They make the most amazing metallic red colour that I used to love but somehow about a year ago I lost the bottle and now can't find the same shade again.. I have been mourning the loss of that colour ever since! Still, they have loads of other gorgeous colours and I find the quality great.