Favourite places to holiday?


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I have never been further than the UK and as part of losing weight I would love to travel one day...the new me and all that.

So if this should happen I was wondering where and what should I go and see?

I would love to hear what is your favourite places.

Thank you.

Love Mini xxx
Hi Mini, :)
You will need to go somewhere hot so you can show your new body off. I would go to the Greek islands as they are always hot :cool: and plenty of bars and clubs if you like that sort of thing. Always plenty of sight seeing aswell.
Hi Mini, I just got back from a place called CabaRoig, North Costa Blanca, Spain.....absolutely amazing!!! Loved puerto rico in canaries as well, but my absolute fave was New York, even though I was only there for 2 days!! I'd love to go to Jamaica and am gonna buy myself a holiday there for my 30th birthday if noone else brings me!!
Exactly two years ago, I was in New Zealand (Sept 28th - Nov 11th 2004). We decided to throw caution to the wind and 'have an adventure'. So we rented a big camper van for six weeks and just toured around NZ doing some amazing stuff.

We went whale watching in the South Pacific, gold mining in the Southern Alps, camped alongside a volcano, trekked up to a glacier and countless other things.

The only thing that spoiled it for me was the fact I was so overweight. That stopped me from doing some of the things I wanted to (I'd have loved to have gone on a trek on horseback for instance) and it also means that out of the 500+ photos we took, I'm in just three - not 300 but 3 singular (and I hate all of them!). I've vowed to go back one day and do the things I wasn't able to back then.

I know it's not your average holiday destination but as a 'lifetime experience' it's pretty darned hard to beat! :)
we went to Brisbane Australia last year , i swam with sharks (unintentionally) walked on the most amazin beaches, visited steve irwins australia zoo, (not like a zoo at all, more like a wildlife park) attempted to surf lol, snorkelled on the great barrier reef with the entire cast of finding nemo, and it too was amazing,
I love Dubai, went with 2 girlfriends a couple of years ago and have just booked to go again next April.

Love the safe, crime free atmosphere. The luxury hotels and great service.

We spent a lot of time just chilling but also went to Wild Wadi (water park, like no other!), dune bashing in a 4X4, afternoon tea at the Burj Al Arab, shopping (lots), took in the sights and smells of the souks.

Also really love Corfu, always feels like going home as it's so welcoming. Stick to the North of the island though.
Ooooh, I like Italy. I have never been further south than Padua, but how pretty and what lovely people!
I've had a lot of good times in the south of France :) Loved visiting Greece (we stayed on a greek island, and hoped over to Olympia which was cool i must admit).

but mainly... I love the UK! I love standing stones.. so the likes of Avebury, Stonehenge (yes i'm a hippy at heart... and did the solstice).
Also Scotland is so scenic, and you can't miss that i don't think. :)
Cornwall is smashing for hot hot weather in the summer. And lovely beaches of course...

Then you have Wales again for scenery!

My hubby loves Eygpt. But i'd never take the kids there... not till they're a lot older, because of the potential violence.
I'm a bit guarded like that i must admit.

My sister.. she loves NZ, Sth Africa and is pretty widely travelled but she doesn't have kids.

Funny how things change when you lose weight!
We are even looking at a camcorder (digital) again after my selling our last one as i was fat in it!!! :rolleyes: :eek:
Love New York - energy is every where and there is just so much to see! Relaxing hols, Bahamas do it for me, wall to wall cocktails and lots of blue sea and sky, gorgeous.
Going on my first cruise in 12 days, so will report in on that soon! Love
I have to agree with PH about the UK. We often don't appreciate what's right on our own doorsteps!

North Wales is spectacular with its desolate, haunting scenery in Snowdonia national park. Travelling up Mt Snowdon on the little train is a great experience!

I love Scotland too (being half Scottish makes me a bit biased perhap! :) ). Standing on the mountain Anoch Mor overlooking Ben Nevis is a breathtaking experience and there are hundreds of unspoilt gems such as waterfalls, lochs and glens to explore. A friend of mine regularly takes a break in the North of Scotland and watches whales, dolphins and seals just off the shore.

Of course, if hot weather and relaxing on a beach is your holiday of choice then perhaps the UK wouldn't be top of your list but that sort of holiday would drive me nuts: I like exploring and 'doing' - so I guess it's down to what you consider to be 'a holiday' :)
Thanks Guys,

There is loads to chose from and I can see from your post how much you love all these places.

I am an arm chair traveler and I love all the travel programmes and documentaries.

But then that is TV and it is nice to get fed back from people who have actually been to these places.

Keep them coming as I want to hear more...

Everything that has been mentioned so far I would like to do...I would really need to get over my fear of flying and get a move on as I would love to travel.

One of my dreams is to do Route 66 anyone ever done that?

Love Mini xxx
You don't state where you live but why don't you try a short flight with one of the many low cost airlines. I can recommend Barcelona, Prague or if you're really nervous - Dublin is only about 35 minutes of actual flying time (even though it's timetabled as one hour).
The one and only time I've ever flown was to New Zealand and back in 2004 ..... Talk about in at the deep end! :)

(Luckily I loved it - which is a good job because it's a 24 hour flight each way!)
I went to South Africa a few years ago & fell in love with the place.

We are lucky as we stayed & travelled around with family. I went in & played with an 8 month old lion cub, who was going to get bred to have cubs that would get released into the wild. We saw & did some amazing things.

I am hoping to go back this time next year (new baby will be about 6 months) to visit family again & also a very good friend who emigrated last Tuesday.

Hey Mini,
The best place i have ever been was last year , we went to jamaica we climbed dunns river falls (amazing),
swam with baby crocs (bit scary when the parents came out ) boy can they move !!!
Went to Nine mile ( Bob marleys birthplace) and saw his grave really interesting !!

Snorkelling parasailing scuba diving even did water aerobics in the carribean sea at 7.30 in the morning !

Partied at Ricks cafe ( the most amazing sunset i have ever seen ).

People were so lovely, did get followed by people relentlessly trying to sell you ganja but they always took no for an anwer !
Holiday of a lifetime cried when i left !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
My mama just got back from Greece and LOVED it! I can't wait to go.............. I am sooooo uber jealous of you all who have been there. I'm going to have to be satisfied by watching her photo dvds.

My next trip is in June (only a short 8 months to go!) and I get to go on a fun-filled month long course in Brussels and Galway! (I actually can't wait even though I have to take classes and exams).
OOh yes - South Africa is amazing!!

My auntie lives there - my mum lived there for 5 years - my ex MIL lives there and now my ex-husband lives there (thank the lord hahahahah).

It's a beautiful country with a magnetic pull - once you go there, you have to go back!

My ex lives in Durban (part of it are like Blackpool lol) and my aunt lives in Margate (no, really) on the East Coast. My favourite spot is Umngazi on the Wild Coast which is possibly the friendliest, most remote resort in the world. One hotel nestled amonst huge hills on the river estuary - magical!
it's all about the people

I am lucky enough to travel worldwide for work and there are few places i havent been

have to say that imho nowhere is perfect

every place mentioned aboive is wonderful and every place mentioned above has its faults, from bad service, to crime to bad weather, to whatever rubs you personally up the wrong way

i tend to falll in love with a place mostly for its people and the one place i swear i love more than anywhere else, despite poverty and crime, despite filthy streets and some horrible treatment of animals - is mexico.

The loveliest people in the world are there. It has fab history and sightseeing , great markets and handicrafts, rich culture , lovely beaches and great food : )
i love TURKEY!!! The people are so freindly, the scenery is breathtaking, the food is scrummy (sorry about the 'S' word!) just everything about Turkey is magical. I definatly recommend Icmeler. A small-ish town near Marmaris on the south west coast. Its not too busy and not too quiet. Its just perfect. Check out Icmeler Online website or the Visit Turkey website.
Ive only just come back from my third visit to Icmeler, and ive already booked to go back in May!

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