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  1. xrachx

    xrachx Full Member

    i have fallen off the wagon and had a few too many mini eggs! i flamin well knew i would,i resisted them the other day but i just couldnt help myself,i feel such a bloody failure and a greedy cow...i am seriously fed up :break_diet:
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  3. chipbutty

    chipbutty Full Member

    whats done is done, draw a line & start again tomorrow, if you can try to cut down a couple of points untill your wi day, them evil little mini eggs! grrrrr x
  4. WMBB

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    yeah start a fresh my binges are huge when they occur so a few mini eggs shouldnt do much harm my last two binges have both been over 50pts lol
  5. size102b

    size102b Banned


    Ok you wanted the eggs had them and its gone :)
    Maybe save some points for them next time? I think its just learning to have what we want in moderation and not feel guilty.We all have bad days and if we didnt we wouldnt be human.
    Tomorrow jusr drink extra water etc exercise a little more and maybe adjust your points ......
  6. xrachx

    xrachx Full Member

    thanks for the replies girls, i have my weigh in on tuesday night, today i am gonna be very good,go for a long walk with the double buggy and drink plenty or water,i was hoping for a 2lb loss this week too so i could get my first silver 7...we will see.
  7. size102b

    size102b Banned

    Ahh well done thats the thing to this is to forget the blip ;)
    I cut back on my points last week (by 18.5) was ill and I had lost 3lbs after 3 days then 4 days later put 1.5lb back on so it looks like it can go both ways :confused:
    So I had a blip too :rolleyes:
    Good luck hun xx
  8. xrachx

    xrachx Full Member

    well i lost 3.5 this week and i was so relieved!
    size102b....how weird about the poundage!
  9. size102b

    size102b Banned

    whey hey well done :D so pleased :)
    I have been really hungry this week too :confused: have stuck to it but cant understand why'd I go up after having less points?It is totm maybe thats it? grumble grumble :mad:
  10. xrachx

    xrachx Full Member

    it prob is because of totm,retension plays havoc with me, i have an 11 week old baby and i havent had my totm yet,i was breast feeding for 7 weeks and then i stopped,i thought i would have had one by now,i am getting a bit worried!
  11. size102b

    size102b Banned

    Ah bless :D I breast fed my middle daughter 17 Months she wouldnt get off lol,I think that hapens though doesnt it so you dont get pregnant again goes back to the caveman times again,so the baby will be fully fed and another cant take its food? Id be careful though do you know how many siblings are just 9 months apart lol....
    It goes so quick mine are 14,10 and 5 all girls ......
    Maybe ask your health visitor on next checkup? Sure your be fine.
    Umm retention,I have a coil so get the symptons only MOODS etc I think I need to drink more to flush away
  12. xrachx

    xrachx Full Member

    i will totally be fine! my last two were ivf ( i should have said lol)
    i know what you mean by it going to fast tho, my others are...21 (!!) 18,15,2 and then the baby x
  13. vanda

    vanda plodding away

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    faffing about
    Big hoorah for the weight loss - those mini eggs not so evil after all ;)
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