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Feel like giving up even before I've started


I was hoping to start LL last Sunday and went for my first group meeting to be told that I still needed to get my medical done first. I phoned to arrange this and couldn't get in until this morning. So, I drive over 20 miles to get the medical done, and the doctor completes the form, brilliant I think.

I then phone my LL counsellor and arrange to go and pick up some foodpacks this afternoon. Yippee I thought, I can start tomorrow.

So, I arrive at the LL office and hand in my form, dreaming about the new soon to be slim me, and get told by the counsellor that the doctor has not completed the form correctly, she has no ticked ONE of the boxes!!!!!!

So, now I have to make another appt, drive over 20 miles to get one box ticked. And in the meantime, I still haven't had one shake, bar or anything.

Sorry, everyone, didn't mean to rant, but I'm feeling fed up and am wondering whether LL is worth all this bother?

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oh Trish - bad luck about the doctor. But please go on back and get the necessary stuff done because imo LL will be the best diet you've ever done. It really is worth it and you'll feel so much better in yourself in so many ways once you're on your way. Don't be disheartened :)
aww big hugs, very disappointing for you. Don't worry there will be pleanty of time and another couple of days wont make a huge difference. Did she not give you an intro talk where she gave you the forms though? Keep us updated but meanwhile you could start upping your water intake...I tried doing low carb for a few days but felt ill & stopped (I had to wait over a month!). Cant totally understand your frustration though...
Hi guys

thanks for the replies. I'm trying to stay positive and have decided to just turn up at the docs on Mon to get the box ticked and then I'm hoping to start on Tuesday???

Keep your fingers crossed!!!!
Hi everyone,

thanks for your messages of support.
Well, my box has been ticked!!! and I'm now at the end of day one nearly!! (by the way I'm working nights this week, so this is my night time.

Have to say, I've had no problem drinking the 4litres of water, and am in love with Banana and Strawberry shakes.

So good, so far - even though I've got a headache, could be withdrawal, but could also be tiredness from working nights.


likes posting.
Hi Trish, im glad you got the forms sorted, it will be the best diet you,ve ever done.The headache will go too, its normal.let us know how you go on.

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