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feel like i'm eating to much

:rolleyes: hiya!
now on day 5 and today because i've not been working full shift I been looking through what i've been eating i feel like its more then i should be eating but not gone over 5g rule.....

today been
small beans on brown bread toast

lunch... clear chicken noodle soup
3 ryvita
125g tube of virtually f f cottage cheese

tea around 7ish
stir fry chicken and veg with chow mein sauce white boiled rice
blueberries and muller

also does anyone suffer from pain in right lower back is this cause i.m not drinking enough water?? drink around 2 x 500ml bottles plus around 5 to 7 brews

caz xx
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sounds to me like your not eating enough. are you hungry just eating that.?
Like Rach says how many calories are you eating.
As for drinking alot of water.that is my downfall i dont drink loads. i find i need a wee every 15 mins if i do lol so i drink when im doing my workout and after but not any other time unless with my tea.

But look at the cals like Rach said.!!
Doesn't look a lot but good variety.....make sure your using all your calories....
Autumn Im like you I drink around 4 litres a day and i'm thinking of getting a cosy seat for the toilet as im in there more than anywhere else lol :):)
omg just remembered i'm drinking all this water and i have a water meter ....better warn Daz the bill could be high lol
i cant drink a lot of water. i find if i drink a lot i feel sick. last couple of days i have struggled to get my cals up too :(
Exactly Rach...although before this diet I know the bill was cheaper than paying water rates !
Sall you need to eat up all your calories :)
i am trying but i get so full so quick. cant eat any more. also scared of over doing the fats :( starting to feel like i cant win. eat more cals get fat eat less dont lose any :(
today i had meatballs in gravy with small amount of pasta spaghetti for dinner
tea was liver, mash, bacon and onion gravy and activia snack pot for pudding
snacks of muller light yoghurt and fruit chocolate snack thing lol
If you get up late Sall then just put the other meals slightly later , you really must get all 3 meals in :)
Hey Sal pls dont think im interfering just trying to help.But are you sure your counting your fat properly as Liver,meatballs and gravy have quite a bit of fat in them you know.?