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feel so ill again. (im on day 7 ss)

i was fine this morning, ive drunk nearly 3 litres had 2 packs of CD and then i went for a walk at lunch and whilst i was out i started feeling really faint and sick and dizzy and generally really ill. ive come back to the office and had a sit down for an hour but i still feel shocking. i cant have an extra pack today as i only have 1 left as im seeing my cdc tomorrow morning for my first weigh in.
i dont know what to do! ive done CD ss before (a couple of times and lost a total of 6 stone) but ive never, never felt as roungh as this. im a bit worried actually.
Im at work now and there isnt much i can do to help my situation as everyone in my office is very against the diet, so i darent even admit to them that i feel horrible as i know what they will say :-(
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:9529::ambulance::character00264:anyone? please help. i dont know what to do!
Aww hun have you takin any paracetamol? Have you drank enough water? When was your last food pack? I feet really ill like that and had dizzy spells and felt like i was going to be sick for the first 3weeks of the diet. Its not nice. Try phoning you CDC and see what she advises? If you feel like you need to have something on your tummy why not have a SS+ day today and see how you feel after that. Stay strong you are doing fab on the diet and tomorrow is your WI day. You can do this hun xxx
thanks girls. ive drunk 3+ litres of water today, my last pack was at mid day and ive not had any paracetamol..i dont have a headache so i didnt really think about taking any. do you think they would help tho? im going to call cdc when i leave work but i know she is coming back from holiday today so im not sure if ill be able to get hold of her.
i think i might just have my last pack when i get home then have an early night.
i will admit the i am adding small dashes of unsweetened soya milk to my cups of tea though. however, im not sure if this would make a difference as it is allowed on ss+. grrrr. maybe im not well in general and its not cd thats giving me the symptoms?


hoping for a good loss
Could well be a bug hun. Hope you have had your last pack and feeling a little brighter. Maybe have a small meal this evening if you can't get to see CDC tonight.

hugs xx
how long was the walk that you did and at what speed/pace? It might be that you did that little bit too much for your body - your body is only just getting used to being on majorly reduced calories and at first it can need all those calories just to get by day to day and it may be that you did that little bit much.

Hope you're feeling better now - have a chat with you cdc about it tomorow when you go for (your wonderful) weigh in.
hey! hw about a ss+ meal? sometimes the small bit of food really helps your body out. Did you drink the 3lts quickly? If so it might be that. i have felt shocking on CD sometimes but feeling dizzy should pass and if it doesnt then get it checked out.... keep us updated
hiya. the 'walk' was actually a slow mooch around the shops! and I space the water out over the whole day (I sip it rather than glug a load in one go). after my last post I had a cup of tea and felt much brighter by half 4. in fact I'm full of energy again! I seem to have peaks an troughs of energy. anyway I'm just going to have my pack tonight and see what CDC says in the morning x
thanks everyone for your much appreciated advice xxx
Hey, I don't know about you, but when I first did CD last summer, I used to feel really bad, basically everytime I tried to change my little one on the changing pad, i'd get dizzy. I would feel jittery too sometimes, but basically I would get dizzy and feel ill. Unfortunately, it didn't go away until my planned hols. When I came back, it didn't happen again (two weeks off plan). So I think it might be the way our body responds to the diet, I've done it a couple of time... sometimes I get real bone-tired, others Im just soo energized... depends

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