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  1. DisneyParis

    DisneyParis An Attitude of Gratitude

    Do you notice you feel the cold a lot more since losing weight?
    Even during the summer this year l was cold, now l'm finding it really freezing.:winter_brr: Cold or not there's no way l want to put weight back on, so the only extra "padding" will be extra layers of clothes. I bought some new thermals today. :D

    I was hoping my body will sort of acclimatise over time. Does that happen?
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  3. sleepybird

    sleepybird wants a pony

    Im always cold now but eating stewed apple which is warming my cockles a bit!
    Am with you on the whole put an extra layer of clothing on rather than a layer of fat. No thank you!! x
  4. Bess

    Bess Plod, plod, plod.....

    Oh Dis, I am cold all the time and I never used to be. I was always the one flinging open the windows, wearing t shirts in the winter and opening the car windows while everyone else shivered and complained. I now have become really nesh and even use the heated seats in the car!! What a wuss!! The electric blanket is set on the hottest it can be and I even leave it on while I read. Layers and layers on in the day too. I thought eating normal food would warm me up, I was always freezing on CD, but I'm still cold!!
  5. DisneyParis

    DisneyParis An Attitude of Gratitude

    Yum - stewed apples & is something l'm looking forward to when l've moved up the CD steps. Also looking forward to real porridge (made with water) again. :)
  6. sleepybird

    sleepybird wants a pony

    Nesh.....Bess i haven't heard that saying for ages!! You've made my night! I really should be getting ready for work and not lingering on here............
  7. Bess

    Bess Plod, plod, plod.....

    I thought you'd said that you'd finished nights for a while Sleepy, was that just one stint?
    Nesh huh? !:)
  8. *butterfly*

    *butterfly* Silver Member

    Oh hell..... I was so looking forward to being warm and normal again. My house can be 230C at the moment and i still have ice cold feet, hands and nose. Oh well, more passion-killing thermals for me..! xx

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