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Feeling cold?


An Attitude of Gratitude
Do you notice you feel the cold a lot more since losing weight?
Even during the summer this year l was cold, now l'm finding it really freezing. :winter_brr:Cold or not there's no way l want to put weight back on, so the only extra "padding" will be extra layers of clothes. I bought some new thermals today. :D

I was hoping my body will sort of acclimatise over time. Does that happen?
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Back 2 finish my journey
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yes i'm cold all the time now, it seems. I need a new winter coat but don't want to buy one as i'm dropping sizes can't afford it so i'm walking round in massive baggy fleeces i look a mess but i'm warm!
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I am freezing too! And it's summer over here in Australia! I am seriously considering bringing in a small blanket to work for my legs! I think it has something to do with VLCD's and the metabolism. Not sure where I read that though.



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yes it's to do with the diet. I read a post on here about it when I first joined. When we all get to goal and work up the steps we will stop freezing to death!


Plod, plod, plod.....
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No you won't. I'm eating normally again and I'm still freezing all the time, the 4 stone overcoat has gone!


An Attitude of Gratitude
Thanks for your replies. Ok, looks like l'll be staying cold then, not so bad when l'm tucked up cozy in bed like now using the laptop, wearing my pjs and new thermals. :D


Why Be Normal?
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I'm cold, too. I agree with Sarah... I'd rather be cold than overweight, plus I figure my body is having to burn calories to keep me warm.

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cold is an understatement. it's like a constant chill is running through my body when i am outside but yes, i'd rather freeze than have the weight back on. :)


taking control (again)
I had this back when I was actively losing weight on CD. For years I had suffered from always being too hot, and not in the "girls finding me sexy" way unfortunately. :(

Just embrace it as a good sign (along with the rumbly tummy) that you are well on your way towards your goal!! :D

At least the slim folks can put more layers on to keep warm, but us larger folk can only ever take so much off without putting people off their food!! :cry:
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When I was on SS the 1st time I was too so cold!
I'm back on SS now and back to being cold again, small price and all that though!!
x xx x


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I am bloody freezing all the time! My husband is constantly complaining that the heating is up too high but I feel like a human ice box


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I'm cold at the best of times despite the built-in insulation but am bliddy freeeezing on CD, especially as I don't drink tea or coffee to get warm.

Fun in work - there are two of us in the office and the other woman is going through the menopause, trying to get a happy medium on the heating is fun!


Back On Track!
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I found that my coldness disappeared on the 4 days that I was off-plan, which was a welcoming sign that hopefully the coldness is restricted to when I am on CD only.
We also have the office challenge with some colleagues not wanting the heating on (for good reason I admit-menopause) - some of us end up with our coats and scarves on!


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I am always freezing :cry:

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