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Feeling Cold

Hi, I am a cold person anyway but have been even colder on LT. I spoke to pharmacist about this, she said it is probably because I am not having anything warm (only having shakes - no soup) she suggested having the chocolate hot. Also I put a pair of socks on with my work shoes (not the fashion statement I was going for) and that helped keep me warmer.

Wearing thin jumpers too..... glad I'm not doing this in the winter brrrrr
i posted the same question about 2 weeks ago lol i am usually a really warm person but have been so cold (wearing dressing gown and bedsocks to bed!) people replied it is because we are not eating enough to create the energy to warm our bodys up, the good thing is it means the diet is working haha plenty of peppermint teas and warming the soup up is the only suggestion but it only warms you for a bit xx
I never feel the cold but I have been frozen with a few weeks - what I notice is once I drink water, I practically start shivering!!! What I find helps is warm drinks - I made the mistake a few weeks back of drinking coffee all day - and it had a double-whammy - I couldn't sleep and I was dehydrated and finding the whole thing nearly impossible. I stopped that and am drinking bottles of water during the day - but shivering!!
When I got home last night, I made myself a pint mug of peppermint tea and drank that before doing anything else - it did warm me up. I had the blanket on last night in bed - 1st June!!! And we still have our winter duvet on the bed.
I'm here this morning 1 cup of coffee down and about 2.5 pints of water - and the last thing I had was water and I'm frozen!!
The other thing my pharmacist said to me was that as I loose weight, I'll have less insulation!!!! and that might contribute as well.
It's annoying but it's still worth it!
Oh - is there any brand of peppermint tea anyone recommends - I'm not particularly a fan of the Twinnings one - it's the only one I've tried but not sure if they'll all just taste the same?
they do all have slightly diffrent taste but not to much, i like tesco's own brand of peppermint tea :)


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Hi, I am a cold person anyway but have been even colder on LT.
Wearing thin jumpers too..... glad I'm not doing this in the winter brrrrr
It's norm to feel cold on LT, our calorie intake is very low:D
with the insulation I have, I'm looking forward to actually feeling cold - especially in this heat!! I thought it was a side effect of ketosis, but as you say, loosing the blubber must also have affect. As for burning up energy, the ketosis is burning up fat I suppose??


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Im halfway through my second day and im freezing!!!! I had my chocolate shake warm, ive got my winter thermal bed socks on, my dressing gown and my snuggie and i cant get warm!! My hands are like ice , im considering putting my gloves on : (
haha this sounds like me everyday, afraid it doesnt go better i'm in week 6 and still freezing all time, the positive thing to think about is so long as we are cold the diet is definitly working :) x

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