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Feeling gutted


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I was doing so well and then last week I had 3 functions to attend. Due to the fact of turning everything down since beg of Sept I went to all of them which were meals out in indian restaurants. I meant to just stick to chicken tikka with no sauce. unfortunately my will power took a nose dive and I ended up "pigging out" including alcohol with 2 of them.
I got on the scales today and in one week I have put on 4llb!!! I just feel so depressed and the thought of all that hard work to get back in ketosis makes me want to just give up. I am so angry with myself.
Has anyone else done this if so how did you get the motivation back. ????
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I see this was posted three weeks ago, did u get back on track? I just weight myself daily and chart it. After a week or so of seeing the weight drop after a binge the motivation returns for me when i have a bad pig out.


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I agree with PieMan although I am on a different eating plan to you guys. I hope you don't mind me addin to your thread. But I also weigh daily or every other day (I know it's against all the 'best' advice) but it helps keep me on track so that if my diet halo slips for a day or two it keeps me focussed and back on track quicker. Otherwise if I went a week and then gained several pounds I would also be gutted, depressed and probably eat more! But life still has to be lived and with three functions to attend you did pretty well I think especially from ketosis. Is it possible some of the gain will be fluid and that could muddy the picture? I admit I don't know much about your plan so please forgive my ignorance.

I admire your resolution to do the plan you are on - you clearly have strength and resources inside you. So forgive yourself this blip, it's over, gone. Try to pick yourself up and give it your best again. I find this forum so helpful with the support it gives and with the folks in my thread we seem to be able to keep each other going daily and as long as I log in every few days I have not had a long binge. I have gone up two pounds some weeks or stayed the same but then seen it come down again just as quickly.

Just don't give up.

PS I am amazed there have been 145 views of this thread and yet only two replies!
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aka Hope Over Experience!
S: 12st6lb C: 12st0lb G: 10st0lb BMI: 32.8 Loss: 0st6lb(3.45%)
I agree Sofagirl. The only time we fail is when we give up completely. To be concerned about it and get back on with trying means we are still in the game.

Life is hard and food is a difficult subject for many people. I truly believe this is an addiction for some folk and yet it's a substance we have to have to survive! How many alcoholics or drug abusers would do well if you told them they had to have one but only one drink or shot a day to live but no more? Be kind to yourself peeps.
Suepass - Have been wondering about you> how are you getting on? I've moved from LLL to Exante, and it's much cheaper, and I actually like the soups this time! Post a message
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remember how good being slim feels....3 functions and only 4lbs having fallen off the wagon shows that you where in control to some degree....u have had a blip, now decide...continue this blip and see weight go on OR start back asap and within a few days how great you will be feeling


please try again
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That is a very typical issue with very low calorie diets. No matter how hard you try to fight it, there will always come moments when you can`t help yourself and eat too much. It is impossible to achieve permanent result with temporary solutions. :wave_cry:
you might want to go read the maintainers section on cambridge, lighter life, lipotrim etc, several memebers on there who are long term maintainers
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One of the best things I've heard is that persistance is the secret to weight loss and not perfection, so keep at it!!! You can do it!!! x


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i don't think 4lb is too much tbh, it can come off within a matter of days (or overnight if your me) i'd stick to your diet 100% for 2 days then get on scales, its probably jus a bit of water weight so make sure you have plenty of extra water to flush your system out...well thats what i would have suggested if i'd read your post sooner...let us know what you did do and if you've lost some more!

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