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feeling poorly

Hey honey sorry to feel your not well.

On the coming off the diet part if you're anything like me you'll not be happy if you don't hit your target. Perhaps leave it to your next weigh in to make a decison on it?
Agree with above hun, try and hang on till next WI. If you make it then you might manage a few more but if you decide to refeed then you've tried the extra few days. Feel better soon :)
I had a bad cold a few weeks back and I had 2 shAkes and then had a bowl of chicken soup. (Not lipo) and An early night!!! I think my body just needed warm food! An early night and I was on the mend!! I'd think tWwice about coming off if ur not at goal!! It will do your head in x
i didnt come off last night as i was in bed by 6pm. i took a funny turn, couldnt get my words out properly and couldnt focus. i think it was some sort of migrane. i have been getting them really bad since starting lipotrim. i am going to make a doctors appointment today and see what they say. thanks girls xx
OMG hun!!! Are yo ok sweetie??? Crikey!! Let us know how you get on at the Drs...

Maybe you should do the rest on the maitenance plan... Your health has to come first sweetie!! x
ive been googling it and its a stroke like migrane, i had one 2 weeks ago aswell! i get migranes anyway but these two have been awful. my appointment is in a hour so ill check in when i get back. hope i can continue as i really want to get into the 12 stones xx
ok ive been to see dr and hes told me to take it easy, signed me off for a week and gave me some tablets to supress the attacks. its the second one ive had in two weeks so i think it maybe my body telling me its time for food. i am going to start my refeed today and see how i get on. thanks for all your advice xx
I honestly think your doing the right thing hun.... your bodies saying its time....

You going to try maintenance or get well and then do a few more weeks??

Glad you got sorted sweetie!! x

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