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Feeling really crappy today......don't want to go off track....

Had a ding dong with other half this morning, had a ***** week with a few things coming out and a few issues beginning to really irritate me (iv'e posted in relationships forum)

and i'm worried i'll binge or not eat!

S don't want to go off track, especially with holiday in 5 weeks time :cry:
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DON'T DO IT!!!!! ;)

What is your favourite SW treat? What is your favourite SW meal. Treat yourself by eating some of your favourite things whilst staying on plan. If you binge you will only feel worse afterwards.

Chin up petal <hug>
Maybe i could have a Brie and Bacon toasted roll at lunch?

We desperatly need to go shopping, freezer is full to the brim of meat, as had a huge butchers delivery last week, but i've not fruit, no yoghurt, no hifi bars..luckily i have nothing naughty in the house and cannot walk to a shop.....

I just do not want to let all this help me blow it this week


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Isn't it a shame that emotions lead to eating? Why do we self sabotage like this? If I had the answer to that I'd be a millionaire!

All I can say is make any indulgances you have 'controlled' ones; for instance you choose to have something you really fancy, you accept that one item is not going to impact on your weight loss and you will eat whatever it is slowly and with enjoyment. Stuffing something down almost un-noticed just makes for unsatisfying eating which leads to more eating!

I hope you have a better day than you expect and that you and OH can sort out your differences.



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lol hmmmm i think some cheesy-ness is called for her

" keep your eye on the prize"

you`ve done so well but everyone has a bad day if you do go off track today just do some damage control the rest of the week!!!
Thanks Guys!

I've just called him as someone has rung and left him a message. He says he'll be home just after lunch and that he's sorry for being a prat! But things really need to be sorted out this time.

I'd rather he was at work all day, so i could get it out of my system...


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Hi there. I read your other post and just wanted to give you a huge hug. You've been through a hellish time and I'm amazed you can even think about slimming on top of all that. I hope things get better soon.



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Dont lose sight of whats really important - no man is worth ruining your weight loss for!!
Thanks guys!

It will all be sorted from this evening i can assure you of that! xxx

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