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Feeling Rubbish

Well after last weeks breaking of the plateu, seems this week hasnt started off to well. Im craving Bread like it was going out of fashion, and all I want to do is eat.

Admitely ive been over my points by about 2-3 but ive been exercising dailey doing my biking, and have so far covered 40km in 3 days, am yet to do it today but have done a hardcore hover workout!

The 7lb gain i saw on monday morning was a bit of a bummer and this morning it was still there, so im hoping by next week it will have gone, and i either would have a TOTM or some reasonable explanation.

Suppose having one bad week when i want to go off the rails in a year of hardcore exercise and healthy eating (albeit not 52 weeks of loses) isnt so bad?!
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Aww hun sorry the 7lbs still haven't shifted! you've got till friday though; i'd stick to points till then, and not exercise like we was saying before this may be slowing down the losses etc :(

i really shouldn't worry about it and try not to let it get you down, was great loss last week! just got to keep at it, think of how happy you was to get into those 14 joggers! :) xx
Thanks hun. i just feel so rubbish, I want so badley to get to goal and I just dont think my body wants me to do it. I just want it soo badley :(
That might be why hun, pushing yourself too much to get there, you haven't been well but stuck to plan and exercised, and still doing lots of exercise still i know it's good for you, but maybe that is whats slowing your weight loss up, like it was with mine when i went swimming, it's very annoying, but just think how close you are to goal! keep at it and just try to push past how your feeling now, easier said than done i know! :( xx
i am really tempted to forget this week an start again Saturday when i can get my shopping delievered and start afresh... good idea mayb?
i am really tempted to forget this week an start again Saturday when i can get my shopping delievered and start afresh... good idea mayb?
I always go by if it makes you feel better, do it, if you feel like that's the best way hun then do that :) definitely still weigh in like usual on Friday, but don't take too much notice of it, draw a line and continue saturday! get plenty of veggie jelly in! :D hehe :) cheer up! xx
Ohhh ive been eating veggie jelly loads too, but it doesnt seem to put me off wanting to eat more... im going to do a big shop. look back on what i used to eat when i originally started to lose weight and do that.. Although saying that I know a lot of the things i ate would be high in WW points .
Lol snap! when i think about my take away orders, pizza's chips etc etc now i think bloody hell no wonder i got to 16 and a half stone! silly food being so yummy!

Think it's a good idea though to look at the food you would eat at the start, also what time of the day you ate and the time you did exercise etc, apparently doing exercise in the morning after you've had a banana is really good for you as it speeds up your body to burn more fat during the day! :) don't know how true it is, lol but worth a shot! just stock up on fruit, veg and jelly! :) oh and get cereal bars! only 1 point per alpen light ones and they are gorgeous! keep me full up between meals :)
I definatley know at the start of losing weight as I was on Reductil i didnt eat a lot I would eat childs portions, but I know my portions havn't gone down as i use the same size plates, but I didnt do any exercise. I think its going to be a toughy as i miss the exercise when I don't do it, but if I can get to goal and then workout to get the inches down it maybe a bit better.. I just don't want the weight to go back on again.

I am hoping my body hasnt got used to me eating fruit and veg as thats all I ever seem to eat. The thought of chips and pizza repulses me.
Hmm maybe slowly start eating something more than just fruit and veg get it into your system and see if that changes anything!

It may be an idea to stop exercising so much at the moment, get the 7lbs left till target off then workout none stop for inches! :D

hope your feeling better today xx
Thanks Smirky hun. I had a big long hard think last night. have started a diary on here, to explain all x
Hiya,I think just do plan everyday as points allowed and some exercise and it will come off,be proud its 7lbs and how fab you'll feel.
I think its hard for women as we have so many hormones running around getting in the way.
Try not having any days off plan and stick it out it may take 7 weeks but in hindsight thats nothing and I know you want it off fast but do plan 100% and it should go xx
Thanks Smirky hun. I had a big long hard think last night. have started a diary on here, to explain all x
sorry hun; i'm still half asleep! :D just found diary *off to read and report* :) xx
Thanks size102b.

the thing was I was following the plan religiously for a month, did exercise and only manage to lose 2lb, then the weight went on for some unknown reason and then i hit a plateu. I hope by changing some of the foods ill be eating the weight may go away again.
MMM I know how you feel,I have done the plan 100% on week 25 now and exercise every week at exercise classes even doing 2 back to back Mondays and wednesdays.I had 2 gains in 7 weeks and I was 100%,I think we just have to stick at it ,its probably hormonal or miscalculation.......Maybe its the exercise muscle and fat etc xx

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