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Feeling sick! ...Self inflicted...

I feel really sick :jelous:.

I came into work to someone who had brought in cream cakes and left one on my desk. (Strawberry tart - Yum).
That was ok, but then someone brought round homemade chocolate cupcakes and i thought it would be rude not to have one.

Now i feel really ill and its my own fault! I need to work somewhere on my own where no-one can bring cakes and chocolate in.

Sorry to moan but just needed to feel sorry for myself for a bit! :cry:
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Serial Foodie!
If this happens regularly, I would keep a drawer full of alpen bars and fruit if i were you. dont be too hard on yourself though... you'll think back on this next time and will probably behave. xx
I know i'll stick to plan the rest of the week so I wasnt worried about the syns. Fortunatly cakes only come on once a month so its not that bad. Just had an apple and have started to feel better.
Thanks for the tip with the banana I'll try and remember that one!

I dont think i ever want to see a cake again!
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Loves the Nom Nom!!!
I just say no :giggle: It happens quite regularly here, one of the girls always brings in something so i just keep telling her no. Some people are considerate and bring low fat goodies for us on a diet though!


Always comes back to MMs!
Isn't it a nightmare?!?! Its someone's birthday every day in my office it seems, theres always cakes, biccies and doughnuts doing the rounds... at first I found it really difficult, but now I proudly say "no thank you" and grab and Alpen bar or fruit, knowing that I'm not going to blow my syns on a fleeting bit of pleasure!

It takes time, but you will find you are able to resist more easily each time xxxxx

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