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Feeling sorry for myself

Just venting sorry!!
Craving one thing all week , and my brother just ordered it and ate it in his room ... 1. I'm annoyed because he's not fat and can eat it and 2. I'm annoyed because while he was eating I said "you ordered in" and he said "yeah" I said oh I've been craving that all week (don't wanna say what it is in case one of you gets it in your head too!) and he then says "no food for you" I felt like saying well [email protected]@k you !!

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I'm dying to know what it is!!!
Haha it's just food but once I got it in my head I couldn't get it out and the big dope eats it in the other room , like it's friday!! I can't get drunk , I gave up smoking a month ago and I can't eat!!!!!!!

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Well you're doing very well giving up so much all at once! You must have a steel of determination! Well done I envy you!

Forget about the food, whatever it is, if you had you'd only feel sick and very guilty and wish you hadn't done it! Plus I bet youre not even hungry! We can do this!

P.s. I hate skinny people who can eat anything and everything.. so not fair!!
Like how is it possible they don't get fat!! Ughhhhhhhhh

I bloat after an apple. Oh I know that it would have me sick now but just the thoughts of anything hot and tasty :)

Giving up smoking wasn't as hard as I thought it would be actually , I started when I was very young too , it's only started to bother me since I started LT

I am only on day 4 so you probably have Alot more determination than me honey

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But be proud of yourself that you've managed to abstain from it! and imagine how awful you would have felt if you hadn't!

I'm only on day one haha so am still in positive determination mode!... Sure it will wear thin!!!
Well done for not giving into temptation. You have done the hardest part and now you have proven
That you can conquer cravings it will get easier. I am impressed just keep going
Aww thanks :) I felt better after the initial anxiety attack I get before a binge , I just tried to breath and occupy myself. Breathing and calming myself helped. Does anyone know if we are allowed take those "kalm" tablets or rescue remedie?

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Look at it this way, you are retraining your attitude to food. I know I gave in to craving all the time before starting lipo....thats why I am fat. I hear my skinny friends talking about craving too, but they give in the odd time...not every time...and thats our big problem. We are learning self-control now. this is something I know I need to learn if I'm not going to put all the weight back on again, so fair play to you, lesson 1 over and done! Now keep going xxx
Yeah I guess it's training yourself , I did LT 6 years ago and lost 4st and was one of the skinnies since then I only regained it because I had an accident and got lazy and very depressed but when I was skinny I was in control I wouldn't dream of having takeout or giving in to binges , yeah I would drink once a week and I could order in food but I didn't want to , a size 10 skinny jeans feels so much better, I'd just tell myself how bloated I would feel the next day and that kept me on track. Looking forward to getting back there :)

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