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Fell off the wagon? Fess up here!


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Making my way to the top of that mahoosive wagon today because yesterday I fell off big time!

I have stuck to plan for months now and even on special occasions I have made good choices and really stuck to my guns about food. I have lost 3 stone in total.

Yesterday I rebelled in a big way - I ate 4 huge chocolate cookies (maybe more - I lost count) and almost a third of a litre of Pimms. I am SO ashamed!!!

But, today I have continued on as normal and am dumping my guilt here and now!

Anyone else need a hand climbing back up? Fess up here! ;)
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:( I've been climbing back on all day today! I'm not even going to recount what went down my gullet sat night but there were chocolate biscuits involved......and cheese......and.....I'm ashamed to admit this but......pork crunch. The sodium kickback is gonna be eeeeeevil from that baby!!!

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I've had SUCH a bad week it's unbelievable. Was doing so well with the 30 Day Shred and it all went out the window! Was back on the wagon today until I went to a family BBQ! Tomorrow I'm back on it and so are you missy! We can do this, I'll give you a leg back up on to the wagon if you need it as long as you help me too! I'll warn you though, I'm that heavy I might break your back!
LOVE this thread!!! I've done ok this weekend... for once!!! Next weekend will definately be a different story so I'll be popping in for a hand back onto the wagon!!! x
*does the funky chicken dance of victory*

Totally don't deserve it but I lost 2lbs!!! Take THAT pork crunch!!! This however is not teaching me valuable lessons about the error of my ways....... But it is teaching me that getting STRAIGHT back in the saddle is always the best option!!!

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I've had an awful week! I got back on track just before the weekend, but I have horrendous PCOS, and ToTM arrived on Friday. As I'm currently in the process of changing pills, my ToTM was ridiculously heavy and I couldn't really exercise, and I made the best efforts to eat well when I went out for a meal on Saturday but the wine (which I also counted) resulted in a massive pig out when I got home! ALCOHOL MAKES ME SO HUNGRY! Yesterday wasn't as bad, but it wasn't a good day. Back on track today and going to have a severely low day (1200ish consumed but not eating back my exercise cals today) to try and shock my body back!

BUT LADIES (and gents ) - what we need to remember is we all have a bad meal, a bad day, or hell, even a bad fortnight - the important thing is to LET IT GO and get back on the next available wagon - you don't need to wait til the next day, or until Monday, or whatever, restart RIGHT NOW and you'll feel so much better for it :)


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My very bad week resulted in a 3lbs weight gain. I jumped back on the wagon first thing this morning, feeling positive :)
Oh ladies and gents - at least we are not alone!

Fattack, alcohol was definitely my problem too. I am not very well at the moment and thought I'd have a drink to try and get rid of the pain - turns out I cannot control myself when I drink. I was like the full-on cookie monster!! The worst of it was, I was actually really good at the BBQ part of the day - the food I actually really wanted. I ate very little yesterday in hopes I could sort of combat it. Back to normality today.

Legomom - hahaha! I love it when that happens. Take THAT body! ;)

The GOOD news is there is plenty of room up here on the weight loss wagon! There's also plenty of water and healthy foodstuffs :)
Iv had an awful weekend!
Stayed in as its my birthday next week and saving so can go out full weekend and all i seem to have done is eat......opps!!
Friday was good, sat was bad but did only have two main meals lunch and dinner so maybe ok but yesterday i was awful - had a doughnut, profiteroles, crisps oppps!
Back on band wagon today!!!
Kirsty I can soooo relate. It's my birthday soon too and I have been looking forward to a few days off plan to enjoy myself including eating birthday cake and going for a meal in a nice restaurant. Not sure why I sabotaged that by eating crap the weekend before?!

Welcome back to the wagon :) We will have a brilliant week now which will make our birthdays even better!
Definetly, im going to be amazing till friday (apart from lunch) good all day saturday (apart from drink as birthday night out) probably bad sunday and monday but from then till my holiday in August ill be as best as i can!
Re did my timer too so its now a new one from starting CC will keep me motivated must be doing something right to have lost so much in two weeks!!
Goodluck and have a lovely birthday


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Thank you for making this thread - I know when I fall off the wagon I feel awful about it - and I feel like nobody else goes through it and everybody else is being 100% perfect - so it's at least encouraging to see that so many of us have wobbles (and still carry on losing afterwards!).

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