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Extra Easy Filling Cereal


I see the light!

I quite like 2 weetabix with fruit and milk/yogurt
also you can have
42g of all bran (I use shops own brand) and weetabix crunchy bran if you can find it. I find that more of a bowl full especially with added fruit.

Also if you find they not hitting the spot what about having something on toast?? Or a full breakie, loads of choices and really I should listen to my own advice and have a swop about with my breakfasts rather than 2 weetabix fruit and milk!


Helen xxx
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Addicted to Cheese
I love that weetabix crunchy bran, really nice just cant find it!

Also 28g of wholegrain puffed wheat is two bowls!! I dont find it that filling but for the eyes its better x
Def 42g all bran with a banana chopped up on top! I find that's the most filling. I also like Kelloggs Special K xx
Might sound strange but I love 28g Nestle Shreddies with a chopped up banana on it...and also have my crackerbread to finish off...all one HEXB yummy!!
Kirstabubbles what is the best fat free fromage frais??

I am living off muller lights at the moment and could really do with some variety

Thanks in advance
Laura x
i think 28g is plenty. I usually have 28g ready brek (made with HeA milk) and berries then 1 orginal ryvita with banana slices on top! its gert lush!!
I totally agree that 28g looks pitiful compared to what I had before! However, I have 28g branflakes (occasionally Shreddies) with a chopped banana and natural yogurt and without fail it keeps me full up til lunchtime (and saves my HexA for later in the day!).
2 weetabix for me as well - even pre SW 2 would be a "normal" portion, so I don't feel hard done by. I bought mini shreddies once, but 28g barely covered the bottom of the dish!!
I used to have two lots of HEB to get a halfway decent bowl of Honey Nut Shreddies, but then I used to struggle later on in the day when it came to lunch or dinner - much prefer my weetabix now!

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