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Finally back on the CD YEY !

Hi, hope you are all well i am back on the CD at last after much ill health and hoping to be succesfull this time got alot to lose but taking each week at a time on day two today and constanly thinking about food but the end result will be worth it slim for summer. if any of you have any tips please do post them on here for me. Thank you :)
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good luck - take each day as it comes, the struggle with this diet is mainly in the mind, dont stress too much, trust me the food is never as good as you think it will be if you get tempted and remember to drink the water, those are my tips x oh and these forums and the arcade are great for keeping your mind active and off food! x

thanks skinnymin1 i really appreciate that help i am struggling abit today to be honest but like you say from previous experience the first few days are the worse got to get my head around cooking for others and not myself anyway i am alot more focussed than before but got terrible tiredness this time for some odd reason thanks again i have taken all your suggestions on board x
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Hi Sezzymac,

Glad to hear you are well and back on the diet. I reckon this diet is 95% about what's in your head. It is hard to think about food without eating it - there seems to be so much on TV recently about chef, cooking and food. I am comforting myself with the thought that when I am slim, I will be able to eat nice foods that are special, not just the random junk I had been shovelling into my mouth.

One day at a time is all it takes to get to goal!

Keep up the good work!

Chris xx
Hi thanks Chris for your comments like i said to skinnymin1 its all in my head at the moment everything on T.V radio kids husband talking about food where as normally i wouldnt worry today its grating on me anyway day three and plodding along got to get to the happy me again. Take care and thanks again xx
just one question for you all can you have sweetners in your tea as got jar of sweetners and wanted some in my cup of tea ? x
thank you looks like i will be going back down the shop x


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good luck on re starting x
Thanks Guys the positiveness of on here is really helping day four and still going not caved yet xx
well i am struggling today quite alot but looking forward to my weigh in hopefully will have lost enough to keep me going for next week xx
Oh just wanted to ask if any of you have experienced any of the emotions i have today i cry at the drop of a hat and am so short tempered its untrue dont remember being like this first time round please help me thanks !!! even if it just your opinion i dont care i feel like im losing the plot x


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S: 17st2lb C: 17st2lb G: 12st7lb Loss: 0st0lb(0%)
im no expert but im sure the carb withdrawal and going into ketosis can make u short tempered and snappy, maybe ur emotions are linked to it ?? hopefully it will pass soon and ul b fully in ketosis
eya yh i can relate to the mixed emotions, i felt lyk crying at the drop of a hat as well it is horrible but once it passes its not too bad...:D well dun for gettin bk on the diet it is very hard...as i find it hard myself this 2nd time round that i am on it....but determination n help frm others works wonders...:D gd luck hun keep it up n we are all ere to keep each other on the wagon... :D tc mwahz
Hi thanks for your support it really helps i have had a really tough day today havent managed to eat any of my shakes just my water what will that do with my ketosis please help ? xxx :(


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sezzy, pls have your shakes otherwise you will get ill. I used to gag madly when i started cd, but i water mine down now and you MUST buy the tesco cheap blender and use it to make shakes. i had serious problems, but scientifically if you eat something 10 times your tastebuds start adjusting to it. this is true, as i HATED the cd shakes but now i dont even taste them much. just wolf them down. pls dont despair, we are all here for you. you can do this, how you doing today??
aww hun plz mke sure u av the shakes it will wrk and you will feel brilliant wen you lose and get dwn to your goall..tho i do kno wt u mean abt sumtymz feelin sik...i sumtymz feel sik wen i have the powder shakes or drink too much water in one go witout realisin that i am havin so much...but trust me after sum tym u won't even realise wt you are drinkin as leeds sed.....nd i kno you can do it hun......gd luck nd keep us updated.. :) tc mwahz


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if u cant stomach the shakes (i cant) then get on the phone to ur CDC and arrange to change them for tetras, they are so much nicer, i find the texture of the packs make me heive, i cant swallow em lol

dont just not have anythign tho as it will be bad for u!!!
Hi all i have got stright back on it today struggling some what though but hey ho got weigh in tomorrow so looking forward to that got few flavours i dont like but hold me nose and like you said woof them down lol thanks guys will keep you posted xxx :)

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