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Finally, Jude's Thread :)


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well, i decided just to make my own thread, cos i can't keep hijacking everybody elses!! (Rach G Mostly!)

and most of you already know me! i have been on Xenical now for nearly 8 months, and hopefully my Dr will let me have the tabs until atleast Christmas, but im not sure what the BMI threshold is, uno until u stop taking them? so if any of you do please tell :)

when i come back of my holiday 17th July, i was in holiday mode up untill last week, and believe me i was a pig - popcorn and chocolate at pictures, crisp crisp crisp, everything that was once good, i ate it all! so alas, i piled it back on quicker than i say meat feast pizza...

but im back, and im on the wagon strapped in with seatbelts, and back to my original post holiday weight of 174lbs !!!!

hoping to get to 170lbs by september so i can go back to college in skinny jeans :) :) :D

so even if nobody reads this, or posts threads, at least im not hijacking Rach Gleesons thread anymore (8months later....) and i can babble on my own !!

good luck everybody, its only 3.5 months till Christmas....and i want to be a slim jim on the christmas photos this year, not in an oversized jumper hiding from the camera!!!

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I'm a long way off my healthy bmi but I was reading up on it today and from what I can see the criteria is a bmi of 30 and above but that may vary depending on ur gp and health trust x


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thanks emma :) im due to put another prescription in next week, but im not sure if i will get them, or my doc will want to see me first before getting them?? cos last time i just put the prescription in and they was ready day after?

i hope she lets me have ATLEAST another 3 months on them :D

You can't be prescribe them with a bmi of 28 and below!

Hope that helps!!

Ah we all have a rant on eachothers diaries that's what makes this place so dam friendly!!

How you doing this week?! Xx


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aww no kirsty !! my bmi is just above 28 !!! i would to keep taking them untill i get to bmi of atleast 25 im not ready to do this alone!!

and emma, my doc only gives them me in 2 month periods, but 2 months ago my mum just gave in my old prescription and that was that, so im hoping i can do the same, so my doc wont have to see me and take me off them !! arghhh!! i only have 10 days left of tabs left!!

im okay this week kirsty thanks, im having trouble exercising though, i only lift a few weights at home and do a few squats when i think about it, part from that i feel so lazy and i just can't motivate myself to move :( im eating brilliantly! just the exercise motivation :(

anyway how are you !?! xx
Hi Jude, well done on ur weight lose, Ive been on Xenical for 6 wks after 4 wks I had lost 12lb but Im not getting any of the bathroom activity I had at first if u know what I mean!!! Just concered Im not going to lose anything, has this happened to you? Didnt know if I should eat a big fry up to get things moving again!! (sorry if I sound crude)!!


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hiya kelli :) thankyou!! and well done on your loss thats fab!!
i know what u mean with the side effects!! ive only had one encounter with them before, and im not sure what it was but its not happened since.
i really struggled in march and i didnt loose a soddin drop untill the middle of may, i felt like jacking it in!! i was going the gym 4 days a week, eating right and still no movement, but i carried on and i finally lost 3lbs and it continued from there!!

just keep at it, and the losses will keep coming!! xxxx


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well i lost 2lbs this morning, and i don't have specific weigh in days, cos i never know where im gunna be or what im going to be doing as regards to work/studying/boyfriend's/family etc so i just take it as it comes!!

i had originally got rid of the scales, but this morning i thought right im taking them out today and putting them back untill next friday-ish.
so im really happy today, gotta keep going and make sure i can do this by christmas and im really really excited :D:D:D:D
Good for u :) you are just that bit closer to you goal fantastic how much you have lost!
Evening Jude, hope ur well. Well done on the 2lbs. Thanks for the encouragement I will carry on being gd and I know exactly how u feel when u dont lose anything its so frustrating, I think well I might aswell eat and drink everything in site!!! I dont get weighed at the doctors for a few wks so fingers crossed that the scales move downwards!!! Hope you have a gd rest of the week. x


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thanks mis-behave !! when i look at my loss in figures its crazy i cant believe it!!

thanks too kelli :) it really did get me down when i didnt lose anything, it even worse living at home and my mums like "have you lost anymore then?" and i was just like ohhh ive not looked i dont wanna jinx myself....thinking NO MUM IVE NOT!!!

ule be fine at the docs, dont worry too much hun xxx have a good week :)


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i dont know what was up with me this morning but i only woke up at 11.30!!! which is so annoying cos ive wasted my day and my meal routine is upside down now!!

so it was breakfast at 11.45am, my dinner will have to be at 2pm-ish and im at work at 5.30, so ill have to have my tea in 2 parts, cos ill only be home at 9.45pm!! and ill be starving from 2 till 9.45 !!

soo annoying!! ohh well! payday tomorrow and that means SHOPPING! but only in the local town cos of all these stupid riots i dont fancy gettin caught up in any of that!!

my college friend said shede make me a workout plan soon, cos shes just bought a set of 9kg kettle bells from argos for £20, and she sed there brill! so my ever so sweet boyfriend is gunna buy me them so i can start doing more stuff at home; so when she does ill let you all know :)
anyways ... im hungry so gunna get an apple xxx
Bloody hell Jude!!! Dont remember the last time I slept past 9am let alone 11.30am!!! The joy of kids. x
Hell yes, feel REALLY envious my kids wake up from 5:30-6am every morning.. No sleep in for me!!

I should be asleep now!? But kids in bed, OH asleep .. House quiet peaceful relaxing.. TV off no noise.. Reading on my iPhone kindle app .. NICE :)


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Oh Jude, you have a diary thread lol! Yay :) Maybe if you don't mention your bmi, you GP will just keep giving them to you, until he clicks on ;-)


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bunny-hops!! im just gunna put my old prescription in this afternoon and see if it allows me as a repeat cos i did that last time, but you can usually do it if the doc doesn't request to see me!! hopefully she wont and i can have them just abit longer!!

and im living at my boyfriends this week so i wont be on the laptop much, and he is the most terrible cook ever, he had pizza microwave doner kebabs crisp chocolate everything i couldnt!!!!!!!!!!!! so i had to go out and buy veg, chicken, ww meals just for ease!! even fruit n stuff!!

and im aching everywhere cos the one good thing he has is A TREADMILL!!!!!!!!!!!! so im on it all the time and i love it!! i wish i had one!! and i can run on it not like at the gym cos nobodys watching me and i dont care what he thinks!! anyways only got the house for another 9days till his mum + partner come back from hols, then its back home again and nearly time to go back to college !!!


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