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Attack first day in :-)

Well here's the first day of the new me :)
Back on dukan to lose the weight forever!!
Did the diet last year lost weight then piled it all back on and then some!! :-(
So far I've had
Bowl of fat free yogurt sprinkled with 1.5 tablespoons of oatbran for brekkie with a cup of tea ( skim milk)
Plan on having tin of tuna in spring water for my dinner
And lean minced beef made into meatballs for tea :)
Drinks all day will be tea with skimmed milk
Pepsi max
And water :)
Does this sound like a good first day guys?
Cheers xxxx
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You don't mention snacks - I usually add in at least two snacks, mid morning and mid afternoon. Cold chicken, cooked prawns, cottage cheese, zero fat yogurt with some flavouring...
thanks people ive actually just had a bag of coldwater prawns as a snack :)
and gonna have some more fat free yogurt after my dinner tonight
anybody know what kind of loss to expect for the first week??
so excited to start seeing results!!
also any tips , recipes ect would be great
thanks so much


Goat herder(ess)
Hi, Ally. Nice to see another Geordie on here.

Pop on over to the Recipes section and you'll find some great ideas there. It's also worth browsing through the Daily Menus for inspiration.

Attack loss varies, but I would say that it usually works out at around, give or take, a pound for every day - although sometimes it can be a lot more.


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Welcome - I'm not a Geordie, but living in the North East, and loving it.
Wha hey :)
Fellow north east diet buddies
Thanks so much lasses
Done well today!
Fat free yogurt with 1.5 tablespoon oatbran
Tin of tuna in water
Bag of youngs prawns
Homemade lean mince meatballs
And loads of water tea and pepsi max

Howay the summer he he
Thanks for all ur help
Ally xxxx


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Hello! I am also a fellow Geordie! Aw there are loads of us :) Hope the rest of your attack goes well. Let us know how you get on x
Wha hey :)
Lovin all this Geordie banter! Haha

Any hoo
2nd day in had a cheeky look on the scales
Dropped 5lbs already ( granted it's prib water)
But amazing to see such a loss on the scales ESP after just one day!!lol
So here comes round two of attack
Just had my ff yogurt and oatbran
Cuppa tea with skim milk
1 down 6 to go then onto cruise baby !!! Hahaha
Hope everyone has a great day on plan
Ally xxxxx
defo hunni!!!
Keeps me motivated :)
Had baked turkey breast tonight with lemon juice garlic and oregano
Yum! :)
Two days down and five to go then cruzin haha

Never thought I'd look forwrd to eating veg as much! Haha xxx


** Chief WITCH **
Great progress GP... can I presume you didn't do Consolidation last time?
No I didn't hunni :-(
But I do plan on doing so this time
I'm so proud of myself so far , I started a new job this week and with all the stresses
And temptation around me
I've managed to stick to attack 100%
today I've had-
Skimmed milk in my teas
Pepsi max
tin of Tuna in spring water
2 hardboiled eggs
Bag of prawns
Few slices of lean ham
And a few pickles ( drained )
Oh and fat free yogurt and oatbran lol
Got on scales this morning and lost 7lbs so far
Assume I had alot of water to lose lol!
Ally :) xxx