First day nearly over!


Started Sole Source today. Had 2 shakes so far and trying to hold off a while for the last!! My consultant said that it makes absolutely no difference to weightloss if I do sole source plus instead if sole source but I'm scared to start with it as I want a big weight loss for week 1. Also if it makes no difference, why would CD have both????
If anyone can advise on this I'd be really grateful

Thanks :)
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Hi Jacqui. I am on day 3 of SS+, for the first 2 days I did 3 products plus 200ml of milk but today I have done 3 products plus a 200 calorie meal. I think this is going to be better for me as completely abstaining from conventional food is too emotionally hard for me. I feel really good and my CDC said there is very little difference between SS and SS+ ... SS just takes all the "thinking" away from it. Where as tonight I had to go and weigh chicken and mushrooms and green leaves for a stirfry. You are still on a VLCD and imagine how many calories you were consuming before - bound to be lots more than the 640 on SS+ so the weight loss is likely to be still awesome! I'll let you know the total on Thursday after my first weigh in ... but I did a sneaky weigh on my own scales earlier and I have already dropped 4.5lb !



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I'm coming to the end of day 3 now. I'm alternating between 3 and 4 shakes per day. I so wish I'd bought the soups as well as the shakes. I'm craving savoury flavours. I won't lie its very difficult to start with, but my two housemates have done Cd before and said that once your in ketosis it gets far easier. Can't wait for that!!


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done by the book, the difference between ss and SS+ is apparently only a pound or two over a whole month for most people. it's all about what will be safest for you.

For me, the idea of doing SS+ fills me with dread, because i know if i have any freedom to bend rules i will eventually break them. also, ketosis seems to be quite fragile for me, so i'd be worried that the carbs in the veg would make me hungrier.

for other people, there's the very real likelihood that if they couldn't eat some real food every day they would end up snapping, and eating the entire contents of their kitchens.

the distinction between ss and ss+ is pretty much psychological.


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It's exactly as Spangles said :)
I started with SS and am going to complete atleast the first week, but it's emotionally fairly hard to stay off from real food. I am lucky to live alone so I've been able to totally clear out my fridge, but even after just 4 days it feels like I'm ready to chow down the tuna I keep for my cats. And I don't even like tuna that much! :D I'm going to talk to my CDC about SS+.

It all comes down to what you can handle and how could are you restraining yourself from going overboard if you're allowed that 200kcal. :)