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First full day


Gonna do it this time

Just wondering what time of day you all usually take your shakes. My CDC said she takes hers at about 11, 5 and then bedtime.

I'm just about to have my first one now, I thought I would make it up into a muffin, then have soup at 5 and hot chocolate at bedtime.

Finding the water hard but gonna keep at it.

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is gonna shine in 2009
I have mine at 11, 5-6ish then 9pm


Strong women stay slim
Do you mean be at goal by March 09 ? hehe


Gonna do it this time
well it would have been nice to have been there this march but I wasn't so yeah next March will have to do.

Does the brain fuzz disappear? lol



Strong women stay slim
hi , With the Brain , it gets worse lol . you start to have to really think lol


Strong women stay slim
They say it takes 48 hours to get into K fat burning mode and it will pass give it say two days max


Gonna do it this time
Oh well there's no hope for me then. I don't think I've needed to think since 1988!!! lol.

I've got a thumper of a headache today too. Had a shake this morning and it was horrible toffee and walnut I think, I made it into coffee and it was lumpy and everything. Just took someone elses advice and held my nose and downed it then drunk half a litre of water.

I had a soup last night which I quite liked so think I'll have another one in a wee bit.

I was expecting to feel really really hungry by now but I don't. If anything I feel a bit squeamish is that normal and if it is does it go away.


P.s. Do you think my goals sound realistic. Tried to work them out at a stone a month but am a bit worried I'm being too ambitious.


Gonna do it this time
Thanks everyone for replying. Its nice to feel supported. I've only told my hubby, my mum and dad really wouldn't approve and my mum is the sort of woman who is always right so there is no telling her. Love her to bits though!!

Hi, if you use a liquidiser or blender you wont get lumps and it's easier to take. I have mine about 11.30, 4.30 and 8.30. If your getting headaches try drinking more water, sometimes its a sign you're dehiydrated.


please try again
i have mine when i remember them, lol
brains been fuddles for years now and since im not hungry often forget and have to play catch up in the evening
i have 2 together lunch time then one in the evening!!!!!!! drink water after my first big one then im not hungry!!!! and no a stone a month is about right!!

I've only been on SS for just over two weeks, but have been having half a shake about nine, then a soup at 1pm, half a shake at around 3.30, half a bar at about six and then the rest of my bar sometime in the evening - is working for me!!



This is the last time!!
I try to keep mine to my normal 'mealtimes' to encourage my body to accept that there are times when 'food' is necessary.


Strong women stay slim
F2F , hey looking at your ticker girl 25 lb to go ? what is your BMI now , you look great !


Silver Member
i have to have my shakes at 6am (i am up early for work) then the next one around 1.30pm & the last one around 6 - 7pm!

i am usually very ready for the dinner time one - its a long time from 6am!!!


A pound at a time
I've been splitting up my meals as well. I prefer my soup with twice the water recommended because of the vitamin taste. So I end up having half portions 5 times a day. When I wake up around 8, then noon, then 3pm, 6pm, and 9pm half a shake and half a soup. Feels like I am eating all day. LOL


The Nerdy Singer
It's my first full day, and I am wishing I could heat these into a lovely coffee type drink. French vanilla warm sounds much nicer than the cold one I'm having now.

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