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First Job Interview as a thin person

Eeeeek! I have my first interview this morning!

I must admit, I feel less anxious then I have in the past, as one of my worries always was, "Will they see past the fat - and see me".

I have found already, I am more bold in telling them what I want. When she discussed starting salary ranges, I adv'd I would only be interested in the high end - otherwise will not consider the post. And she said, fine, come on in! I never would have been that bold before. Doesn;t mean I will get it - but I said it!! lol

So - this is just the first screening interview with the agency. I know I am qualified - in my mind anyway lol - so it should push me through to the next phase - fingers crossed.

If I am successful, and get it - at the rate I want - it would be a 5K a year increase.

JUst THINKG of the clothes!!! :rotflmao:

Anyway - wish me luck!! Thank goodness its not raining today!

I wish I could post this website as a reference. :D :D (I'd pay you all well. )

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Good Luck hun. I hate agency interviews...infact I hate agencies very few actually care about the candidates.

Your new pic is stunning really one of my fav's.
Aww, thanks Tange. :) Though it is becoming blindingly obvious, I reallllllly need to get my hair cut. BUt I am more afriad of hair cuts then root canal!!! :D I think I am starting to look very straggly when it comes to my locks though. Hair loss has not been tooo bad,m but hair is definatly tired and been through it!!! But thank you anyway!! :D

ooo good luck, i will keep everything crossed for you!
daisy x
Good luck BL
Hope you get it the extra 5k will buy some new clothes & boots
I agree with tange new picture is lovely
You are going to have to interview the wash room before taking on any job
Ohhhh Good Luck BL Hope it all goes well :)
sending lots of good luck vibes
BL i hope you get the job, you would deserve nothing less :)

Soon you will insist on running the company im sure with that new found gusto :)
Oh good luck lol once you have confident inside you everything goes smooth definitely thats your job mate congrats lol!!!!!!!
Good luck!! Let us know how it went!! Well done on your amazing weight loss!! x


Guess who's back...?
Thinking of you honey! Hope the agency is ok - some are good, some are a bit 'salesy'... my mum has had an agency for about 25 years, and I worked as a consultant for around 4 before I got into venue management and, currently, mortgages (mixed bag!!)... and the horror stories I'd heard... gulp!!

Let us know how you got on - I have no doubt that your voracity and new found confidence will be a real asset and you should have a job pinned down in no time (as long as the jobs are around for the taking, it's a tough time)...

HUGE good lucks and well dones and all that heading your way.

A xx
any news?
daisy x

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