First month weigh in....

Discussion in 'Orlistat (Xenical)' started by billygroat, 19 May 2009 Social URL.

  1. billygroat

    billygroat Full Member

    Hi guys, just been to the docs and she rubber stamped a new pack for me (thank god).... and... referral to the local leisure centre (not sure what this entails but sounds great)

    Very pleased, just goes to show it levels out, had 2 weeks at 1lb and 2 at 4lb.

    Thanks for all your support and here is to another successful month!

    Julie x
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  3. laurakateg

    laurakateg Member

    Hey Julie,

    Well done. I;m just back from the Dr's and have lost 7lbs in first month. So very happy to.

    Laura xx
  4. New Clare

    New Clare Full Member

    Well done Julie! You are doing fantastic! :happy096::clap:
    Missing out on a few glasses of wine is worth it when you see those kind of results:)
  5. New Clare

    New Clare Full Member

    Well done Laura!
    7lbs is a great weight loss!:happy096::clap:
  6. billygroat

    billygroat Full Member

    Thats great Laura - keep going!!

  7. New Clare

    New Clare Full Member

    Loving your new avi photo Julie!

    Was it taken at the wedding?

    You look gorgeous! :)
  8. billygroat

    billygroat Full Member

    No it was a black tie do last week, false eyelashes, they work wonders!!!!!!!

    Wedding is in 5 weeks - yehaaaaaaaaaaaaa x
  9. lins74

    lins74 Full Member

    That's great news Julie.

    The new photo is lovely. I take it that is the lucky man beside you?

    You must be very excited about the wedding. I still get excited about mine, & it was 18 months ago!!!

  10. giraffegirl

    giraffegirl Full Member

    ladies I am so pleased for you all - i just spoke with the nurse at my Practice and she said no weigh in for a month! How am I going to go that long without knowing if i have managed a couple of pounds!? Do you have secret scales that you jump on in between getting the "official" verdict?
  11. billygroat

    billygroat Full Member

    yep thats Gary.... its not my first (or my second) but we have been together for 6 years and have 3 kids amongst us. If I can cope with that I can do anything, this time its the right time!!!

    I am excited yes but its going to be a low key things, only family and we are having a curry after, perfect as far as I am concerned.

    Julie x
  12. alibalibee

    alibalibee gym bunny

    Yay :D Well done to both of you. I had my RC weigh in last night, and I've lost 2½lbs this week. I've now lost a total of 7 stone :D
  13. giraffegirl

    giraffegirl Full Member

    Alibalibee!!! Thats amazing - i am in awe!!! You must be delighted :eek:)
  14. alibalibee

    alibalibee gym bunny

    Thanks hun. I'm a wee bit happy about it ;) :D
  15. giraffegirl

    giraffegirl Full Member

    And so you should be! Fantastic - i am sooo pleased to have found this forum ... you are all my NBF's!!
  16. billygroat

    billygroat Full Member

    lol giraffe girl.... can i be friends with anyone who could potentially drink my wine ? :D

  17. billygroat

    billygroat Full Member

    Ali thats is superfragiliticexpealidocious!!!!! flippin great news!!

    You have created a breed of Xenical followers and you truly are an inspiration.

    I am over the moon for you!!!

    Julie x
  18. giraffegirl

    giraffegirl Full Member

    I'd let you share my straw!!!!!!!
  19. alibalibee

    alibalibee gym bunny

    Thanks Julie :D
  20. New Clare

    New Clare Full Member

    Ali you are amazing!:worthy:
    Well done! I'm so thrilled for you!
  21. alibalibee

    alibalibee gym bunny

    Thanks Clare :D

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