First short-term goal...

Mrs Roch

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Had 2nd weigh-in last night and lost 2 and three quarter pounds making my total for the two weeks ten pound and a quarter :) . Was a bit disappointed last night because I felt like I'd lost more but it is TOTM.

My first short-term goal is to lose a stone by 28th October so 3 pound and three quarters to go.....:eek:

Next short-term goal will be to lose 10lb from 28th Oct to 16th Nov for a friends wedding...

Next short-term goal will be to lose another stone from 16th Nov to first office Christmas party on 16th Dec and then another 7lb before Christmas day...

Setting myself short-term goals is a new thing for me and I'm really hoping they keep me a bit more focused.

Does anyone else set themselves these shorter goals.. sometimes the long-term goal can be quite daunting.:eek:
Hi Mrs Roch,firstly well done on your weight loss 10 1/4 pounds in 2 weeks is very good. Alot of peeps dont loose loads on the second week but make up for it on the 3rd week.Considering you had a visit from Tomtom u did well to loose weight lol

Most peeps set small goal just like u have and the goals u have set are are achievable goals and i am sure u will exceed them.

Take care and have a good day xx
well done hun xxc

Hi Hannah
well done on your losses,I losS less than I thought on my 3rd week never sure when my totm is due to the coil?
Next week it will be fab again~FOR BOTH OF US :D
I too have small targets
1st is 1 1/2 stone by Bonfire night
I have 4lbs to go :D

2nd 1 is 3 1/2 stone by christmas from the start so I have 2st 4lbs (32lbs) to go

3rd target is I had 4st 8lbs to go at the start of LL 27/8 so I have set my target realistically Feb 3rd so I have 3st 5lbs (47lbs) to go

You are doing great!!
I lost 2 pounds in Week2 as well due to TOTM.

Feb 3rd is my son's birthday "illdoit" so I'll definitely remember to check back in with you to see if you reached your goal....

Good luck with all your other "smaller goals"...
well done mrs roch ........xx
Roch has explained very well that around totm you could be retaining up-wards of water retention as this is very common.

Mini goals is the only way as some of us have major weight to lose that to look at it in one big chuck is too over whelming and seems so far out of reach.

Most of us do smaller ones that are more achievable along with the challenges, like Bonfire night and the Christmas Challenge.

We do like to rewards ourselves with non food treat/treats for each little mini goal...cosmetics, magazine, etc.

D_Q puts a £1 coin in a jar for each pound she loses:)

I now have a very nice little collection of fashion jewelery, which is cheap and cheerful and a magazine collection that needs sorting:rolleyes:

And for the bigger goals I do treat myself to something very special...

Well done on your weight loss this week and here is to another good one next week.

Love Mini xxx
Thanks Mini - I was bit disappointed with 2 and bit this week :( but I think it's because I'm already starting to feel such a difference in my clothes and so had got excited about going to get weighed :)

Am keeping positive though and like others have said, I'm hoping for a good weight loss next week - Thursday will come round quick enough...:)

Thanks again..:D
Great, let me know what they are... and we're keep each other spured on.. :D :D :) :)

I had my third weigh-in last Thursday and lost 3½lb which took my total weightloss to 13¾ which left me with ¼lb to lose by Saturday.

I did it....:) I did my first short-term goal because by Saturday I'd lost another 1½lb. I went to my posh "D&D Do" in my hired frock and felt fabulous. Got so many comments on the dress, particularly the colour.

During a conversation with OH's friend and his wife we were talking about the diet and he asked what I wanted to get down to and when I told him I'd like to lose at least another 2 stone, he said that surely I couldn't afford to lose that much more...:D how lovely do you feel when someone says something like that :D

Next goal 10lb by Sunday 19th November for a wedding at Cooling Castle..."doable" I'm hoping.:eek:
Next week it will be fab again~FOR BOTH OF US :D
I too have small targets
1st is 1 1/2 stone by Bonfire night
I have 4lbs to go :D

Hi illdoit

How are you doing with your first mini-goal - are you close to being 1½ stone down by Bonfire night - still a few days to go...:D :D
Hi Mrs Roch

How great to reach you're goal and a pound extra too. bet you felt like the Belle of the Ball!

Good Luck with the next of your goals.

Dizzy x
Well done, you sound disappointed but it's still a loss so that's fantastic.

I break my loss into 1/2 stone goals, if i thought about the huge amount I have to lose (about 7 stone - aaarrrggghhhh) then i don't think I'd be able to do it.

Well done again
How's everyone doing with their short-term goals - be nice for a catch-up.

My second mini-goal was to lose 10lb by next Sunday which I'm sure I'm not going to do now... it would mean losing 7lb next week....!!! :eek:

I'm focused on my Office Christmas Party which is on 16th December - I'd like to be at least a stone down by then.

Good luck everyone