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first week, so far no syns, help

hi, i need some advice

i started sw on tues and my consultant said i should aim to have between 5-15 syns per day. So far i haven't had any :confused:

the thing is im not a big crisps or chocolate eater, or anything so i dont know what to have for syns.

is it bad that i'm not having any syns and not that bothered either. should be having syns?

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Never gets tired of SW!
If you're not having syns but eating plenty and thoroughly enjoying your food and not feeling bored or deprived at all then I'd say that's OK! Do bear in mind though that as you near your target you won't have much leeway to cut back! Your body gets used to what you're giving it so you may find you have to cut down a lot on portion sizes at that point! Do you drink alcohol? A lot of people spend their syns on it, otherwise things like sauces to add interest to your food, extra Healthy Extras like bigger portions of cereal, more cheese on things, another slice of toast etc. could help you to use them! Sometimes bits and bobs such as a syn for some brown sauce, a couple of syns in a creamy cheese Mugshot, a syn and a half in a packet of flavoured couscous all add up! You can save syns up for the weekend to spend on a takeaway if you like! I'm sure you'll find ways to use them as time goes on! Glad you're enjoying the plan XXX
thanks for the tips :)!


Wishful shrinking
I struggle to have syns some days too and so far i've been losing weight so I wouldn't worry. My weight seems to slow down quite a bit when I do have syns though but I think thats because when I do have them its quite a lot, usually on alcohol. I know its better to have a few syns everyday as oppose to 20 or so at once but that just doesn't fit in with my life atm! :(


Never gets tired of SW!
If you really can't work out how to use them and really don't need them why not go for some more luxury versions of things, for example some nice full fat creamy yogurts instead of fat free ones which let's face it, can be a bit runny and not so creamy! Or use extra virgin olive oil in cooking instead of Frylight- a tablespoon is 6 syns or a HEXb! Ha, I wish I had the problem of not wanting any syns! X
I personally find it incredibly hard to comprehend how people that are overweight, and are on Slimming World to lose weight, find it difficult to eat their syns.

How on earth did you get overweight in the first place???

I got there because I liked chocolate, far too much cheese, chips, fried food, fatty food, takeaways etc etc.

I joined slimming world because it allowed me to continue eating the foods I loved with but limited to a sensible amount (ie up to 15 syns a day) or by finding new ways to make those foods healthy (cutting fat off of meat/bacon, choosing reduced fat varieities of products, making chips with fry light etc)

Think about what it is you used to love about food and use your syns on that - but within limits.

If you are trying to deny yourself those foods entirely you will fail.


Wishful shrinking
I do love love love chocolate, crips, chinese, take aways, etc etc which is how I became overweight as I indulged far too much!! But on slimming world I struggle just to have one chocolate bar or one packet of crisps so I'd rather avoid them at all rather than eat too many and ruin the diet! I've just stopped buying them in full stop. I'm only 4 and a half weeks in so I guess theres only so much longer I can go without so I will have to learn self control!


Slow and steady...
The thing is, are you going to avoid chocolate/cakes/crisps etc for the rest of your life?

Introduce them back into your life through syns, you'll learn moderation and self-restraint and in reality have a much more balanced diet. Don't beat yourself up if you do slip and eat loads - it's only human.

If you fancy chocolate or crisps go to the shop and buy 1 packet of crisps or 1 curly wurly. Take it home and eat it that way there's none in the house for you to binge on when the craving kicks in.

I think everyone worries at first and struggles to eat naughty foods when on any diet, i was the same, ive been doing ee on sw for 6 months now and ive lost 4stone 1lb to date, now my syns get used up on the weekend and i always stick to 10 per day have done from the very start.

I use mine in the weekend on a takeaway and alcohol maybe some chocolate, then im syn free for the remainder of the week, i find this is what MY body copes with best, and usually when i do this i get good 3-4lb losses every week. I lost 9.5lbs in my first week doing exactly that.

If you struggle to have just a few a day then maybe your best doing it like me ;0) welcome to sw your going to love it!!


Wishful shrinking
Yeah i think that concept might work best for me too morrocan blonde as I like socialising at the weekend which often leads to a few glasses of wine which then usually leads to nibbles!! So far I have been losing the pounds so I am happy!

Thanks for the warm welcome :) I'm loving it already! :D
thanks for the advice guys, i think the reason i became overweight were my portion sizes, not necessarily crisps and chocolate. i'd have massive portions of greasy fatty foods (eugh!!) and had a love affair with bread and sausage rolls cheese pasties and stuff like that.

but now on sw i am eating decent sized portions of healthier foods (salads and pasta salads ect) and still having bread (3 slices ww danish wholemeal hexb) and at the end of the day i'm full :). i'm just cutting out the greasy oils and the pasties and things. and I can't justify having syns on a sausage roll cos I know once i have one i'll have another ectect.

today i had a bacon sarnie and added mayo 5syns!! (for the fat mayo)!!

tbh once i get bored of salads and things i'll experiment with cooking things off the site and i'm sure the syns situation will chance once i return to uni and start having a couple of drinks at the weekend. ;)

thank you for all your comments :)!


Never gets tired of SW!
Congrats on the full fat mayo flissglitz lol!! I keep thinking of more things you can spend your syns on!! Do you like roast dinners?! Roast potatoes, roast parsnips, mini yorkshire puddings and gravy spring to mind...XXX ps thanks for the rep!!! Good luck for week 1 WI!! I bet it'll be an amazing loss! Make sure you let us know how you do!!XX


Wishful shrinking
Hi Flissglitz :) I've sent you a friend request... hope you don't mind! I just wanted to add someone who is also at uni as I'm really scared the diet is going to go bust once I go back to uni and the old ways might creep in! I'm trying to avoid this at all costs so thought it would be good to keep in touch?
no probs and thank you!!! i will deffo let you know :)
had my weigh in today for the first time, -6lbs. thanks everyone for the support!!
liliferjade said:
Hi Flissglitz :) I've sent you a friend request... hope you don't mind! I just wanted to add someone who is also at uni as I'm really scared the diet is going to go bust once I go back to uni and the old ways might creep in! I'm trying to avoid this at all costs so thought it would be good to keep in touch?
Know how you feel- when I went to uni last year I was 11.13.
Came back for the summer at 13.7 :( oops.
But I have accepted it, and have now got down to 12.9... So back on track...for now.
Just have to make sure I keep it up next term!

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