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Fitness DVD: Airbrushing

Anyone else seen the before and after pic of Clare Nasir on her DVD cover. Where has all that cellulite and over hanging stomach thingy disappeared too.

I understand that there would be some airbrushing but come on, as if she looks like that now. If she does then good on her but i very much doubt it.

All this airbrushing reeeeeeeeally annoys.

Anyway, rant over!!

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I'm not sure if i've posted this in the right place. It just relates to my feelings of how my body will look after my weightloss.


Losing the baby fat
I know what you mean, it wouldnt hurt to just be honest would it?
I'm sure we can take it lol.

years ago there were two ads in 2 different magazines and it was that swimmer, Suzanne Dando in a bikini and in one mag she was lumpier than the other - for some reason one advert had been touched up and the other hadn't! You're not allowed lumps, bumps, imperfections, spots, stretch marks when you've got a product to sell :(
I understand that the main goal is to sell the product but i guess it just annoys me because i know my body will not look like her after pic even though i have less fat and cellulite than her before pic.

I'd love to have a swimmers body, i really like the athletic look but it would probably take me years to achieve that look, lol.

Be safe in the knowledge even those people wish they looked like their photos, they probably look at them and say the same as us!
Thats true. In a way i do feel sorry for them because the have to share their weight gain and loss with the whole world in the public eye. xx


Losing the baby fat
Exactly, and most of them regain the weight anyway, thats why personally I don't give them any credence because maintaining is the hard part.
They lose the weight then within a week they have a dvd out, then within 6 months they are saying how much happier they are having put the weight back on!!
I'm actually having trouble thinking of one celeb who lost alot of weight, did a dvd and has kept the weight off for a significant amount of time.
She definatly had a tummy tuck, she had lots of loose skin on her tummy, then it was not only flat but tight aswell.
I've seen a tummy tuck and what it can do.
Also her belly button is a differant shape.
They all cheat.
i saw this dvd and was like "i want her belly" but yeah there is a blatant tummy tuck goin on. im only jealous really! lol xxx

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