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Fizzy Drinks allowed?


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Strickly speaking should only have black tea/coffee & water, but I have be told that provided no citric acid, we should be ok.

Apparently Perfectly Clear fizzy water (strawberry & Kiwi) is fine to have as well as coke Zero, not heard about Pepsi, but no matter to me as dont really like pepsi! Believe it's malic acid that we need to look out for on ingredients list as this one is ok.
Didn't know Coke zero was allowed.

Asda and Tesco Appleade are allowed as well.


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Morrissons do their own version of the Perfectly clear... strawberry and kiwi, 3 2ltr bottles for a pound :D

Using these drinks can cause cravings in some people so use with caution...... best to stick to water and water flavourings :p
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Could any CDCs/LLCs reply?

And let me know for certain exactly what drinks apart from water, tea/coffee and coke zero we can have? I need an incentive to drink more and lots of people are telling me different things!

Thanks xx


Cambridge Diet Counsellor

The official Cambridge answer is water, black tea and black coffee and Cambridge water flavourings after 2 weeks but nothing else! However, some people have found that they can have the drinks mentioned in the threads without it affecting ketosis or giving them cravings etc. The choice is yours if you want to take the risk!

Hope this clarifies things,

S: 15st7lb C: 14st11lb G: 11st7lb Loss: 0st10lb(4.61%)
Hi, thanks but actually my Cambridge book which is the newest one says we are allowed coke zero (a pint a day)- they are making new discoveries about what we can have all the time but i really need a CDC to tell me which of these are actually ok.

Thanks anyway tho hun x


Radix lecti
Still confused

I'm still not clear about this - as you say, everyone says something different :sigh:
I've been using the cambridge sunsweet orange favouring which contains more calories per 100ml that coke zero... so why is that unlimited but coke zero not :confused:
I know people mention about causing cravings but what is in these other products that affect you.
I've been drinking camomile tea for weeks until someone pointed out that tea made from flowers is not allowed - what fat is in a flower...:rolleyes:
To be fair - none of it really affects me at the moment - i am ssing and got so much to lose it would take more that a weak flowery brew to pull me out of ketosis :D but it would be nice to have a definitive list - i didn't know perfectly clear (or an equivalent) was ok


a bit different everyday
:wavey: i think the confusion is coming from what is officially allowed and what people have had themselves and found to not kick them out of ketosis, ie making it 'allowable to them'
i have the newest book too an it does say only 'tea coffee water and a pint of zero calorie liquid'
now alot of people have the perfectly clear and are fine, but its not on the official list, so really its your choice, remember there are lots of things that work for other people, but until you try them you never know.
if the other things had become officially allowable, your cdc would be notified by head office and then would in turn tell you, or one of the cdcs on here would make a post to tell us

lastly the orange drink is not freely allowed, it says on it only a certain amount a day[i think 1 ltr]
but if you have been having more and been fine then its clearly a case of its allowable to you:)
not meaning to sound school marmish just trying to stop you feeling confused

Thanks for the reply
Looks like i ought to read that book a bit more :rolleyes: - i suspect i have drunk more than 1litre on occasion but i don't make it to the recommended strength as i find it a bit strong. However without it, i would never get enough water down, so it's swings and roundabouts and as you say, at the moment it's not affecting me so.......
To be honest though, i still can't see why the drinks are quite so restrictive as a few extra calories a day won't make the difference but i guess the temptation to go overboard or as some people experience, the increased cravings, could make a difference in the long term.
I don't cheat foodwise on SS so i guess i'll just keep everything in moderation and as long as the weight keeps coming off, i won't worry too much :D

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