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fizzy /soda water okay instead of 2lt of water a day?

hiya all just wondered if i could drink this instead of just normal water, as i really hate water ! and i want to loose some more this week coming as i sts last week. sorry if this has already been answered as couldnt find it anywhere on the search thing, not for sw anyway xxxxxx
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thanks hun i can drink water a bit but i doubt i could force down the reccommended amount . awww poor u !xxx
oooh yeah i do drink a bit of squash, but am naughty and mostly diet pepsi or tea lol :p xxxx
im the same there, i dont drink very much water, mostly diet drinks and occasional green tea :) iv had a cup of green tea every day since my last weigh in, im hoping it will speed some weight loss as ive heard very good things :) xxx


Losin the baby weight :-)

After MUCH research on this matter in the last couple of months I found that sparkling water is fine for the intake of water but is actually really bad for your teeth! I LOVE sparkling water so trawled through heaps and heaps of sites and then asked my dentist - and it's true - almost as bad as fizzy pop believe it or not! :(

So, I reverted back to plain old boring still water with the ocassional glass of fizzy water!! Sorry to be the bearer of bad news.

If you do drink sparkling water don't just sip it through the day - that's the worst way as teeth are constantly soaked in it. Use a straw! :)

Hope this is of some help.
Blimey - now even fizzy water is bad for you in some way. I give up. The dentist told me the other day that I should not brush my teeth for an hour after eating fruit because it softens the enamel and by brushing your teeth soon after you can damage it!
random! i will have 2 remember that. xxx


Losin the baby weight :-)
:D I know! What next - apples give you spots?? ha ha!

I just think it's best to be aware - forewarned is forearmed and all that!

I don't want my teeth falling out or going yellow because I was trying to get my 2L of water in!! ;)
damn right! i will use a straw when i do have them, when im at home that is, i dont wanna walk round outside with a straw in my drink :eek: :giggle: xxx
so ill be skinny but have no teeth lol. thanks everyone i shall up my intake of fluid or hopefully the good kind =] xxxxxxx


i seriously swear i am up 2 no good !
i went off diet coke for lent and have been drinking black tea , fizzy water or nas drinks and still gained 1.5 this week but am putting the gain down to * week !!!
its 2l of any fluids (not alcohol though :( and prob best not to count fizzy stuff too) so tea, nas dilutables stuff like that

also foods high in water also make contribution too i think, saw it on a docu once lol :D xx
aspratame (not sure if that's the right spelling) a sweetener in diet drinks is said to increase your appetite for real sugar! There's no definite on it but a lot of research is beginning to show this so be careful of your choice! Still, it's better than drinking 2 litres of sugary drinks per day so although it's not the best option it's better than some :D sugar free orange squash in sparkling water is one of my favourite drinks, it's like a fizzy orange but has a more realistic flavour to it if that makes sense!

oh and if you brew a massive jug of fruit tea and let it cool overnight it's lovely and refreshing!
emileelogan said:
its 2l of any fluids (not alcohol though :( and prob best not to count fizzy stuff too) so tea, nas dilutables stuff like that

also foods high in water also make contribution too i think, saw it on a docu once lol :D xx
Slimming World do not discount diet pop in their list of fluids, so as far as that goes, it'd be fine to count it.


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I am totally gobsmacked about fizzy water ruining your teeth. Honestly. Well, i'll have to live with rotten teeth because I cannot abide still water - I'd never get the allocated amount down me.

I feel as if I'm brushing my teeth to an inch of their lives as it is.

I'm constantly living in fear of something!! Now it's fizzy water and rotting teeth. Great!!



Losin the baby weight :-)
I think there is a very split opinion over the sparkling water thing. I am NO expert and was just reiterating what I have read and been told but apparently it is something to do with the slightly acidic nature of the water :confused:- please feel free to correct me if I am wrong ( I hope I am - I much prefer sparkling water!! ) From the reports it would seem that some people have been drinking it for years with no effects whatsoever so it's unlikely it's anywhere near as bad as fizzy pop but maybe best to use a straw to err on the side of caution??

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