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Flabby Arms *sob*


So far I've lost 13 inches of my waist, my legs are slimmer(ish), my rings are a lil loose, I've dropped a shoe size and gone from a 26 to an 18...


I don't know what to do...tops fit me fine, or they would if I could get them over my upper arms! Tis so depressing - I refuse to take my cardi/jacket off in public they're that bad!!

And they're really outta proportion with the rest of me...

Any ideas what I can do to make them dissappear??

Thankies so much!! :confused::confused:
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Carpe diem, baby!
You cannot spot reduce, but maybe extra cardio sessions will burn the fat away and maybe light weights will tone up the muscle beneath? There are loads of suggestions, it depends on what you like doing in the gym or at home and also your spare time, etc...
I like doing anything at the gym :) I think it's more toning than weight loss but oh well...


Carpe diem, baby!
If you've still got 2 stone to go then there is some weight loss to be had surely...*wink* as well as toning...the toning of the muscle or building up of the underlying muscle is what shapes the arms nicely when the fat finally budges. Don't despair it takes time...I was never brave enough to wear sleevless things until this year...

So any toning classes they run will possibly do the whole body (even aerobics classes or even water aerobics if your gym has a pool)...and then there are the weights...lifting light weights to start off with, to build up and strengthen the muscle in order to tone the arms...do you ahve instructors at the gym you can talk to about this? As I can only give you advice from my own experience, not tailored to your specific needs necessarily...
Haha ok ok..I meant in a drastically different way that the rest of my body lol .. Everywhere else is kinda the same size as everywhere else then it's just like........AAAAAAARRRRMMS!!! I guess it's just more gym sessions huh?

I know, I have quite away to go but I just wish it would go equally allover >_<

Thanks for the info though...will ask at the gym this week what would be best for ..underarm muscles??
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Good luck i have this problem too =( but i guess i have to gym gym gym it too.
Yea? It's daft because I can't get t-shirts with arm holes to fit...then the cuffs are huge..coz I have tiny wrists (compared to the rest of me lol)

Piccyture >> ImageShack - Hosting :: armsqv9.jpg

Coz my mummy didn't believe me lol :) so yea 'orrible things attached to my shoulders <_<

I don't know what to do though lol

(oh, my elbows kinda bend the wrong way...sozzle)
i see your picture and id say you could tone them up no problem just hard work and commitment hon x
Blaaargh...it's silly I know...Oh well...gym gym gym!!

I think I actually hate them more than my stomach...which is probably considered ickier... (is that a word?
Oh, I read it's because we always PULL things (lifting, opening doors, grabbing things) but we rarely PUSH anything of considerable weight, hence lack of tone..

Heh sorry for the icky picture :(
sure its your word :p...

just hang on in there and i bet you will be happier in no time.. your always going to hate some part of you its natural haha.. i wish i knew one person that could say they was happier about any part of themseleves.
oh and congrats on the big weight loss btw that is amazing x
Strange as it seems (especially to me!) I actually am really liking my bum haha! I don't know whether it's all the new hills (have just moved to S Wales) or what...but My thighs and backside are all toned and awesome for once teehee sorry tmi :p
hills?? haha im in north wales and yes more hills an d green things here then in the citylife im used to which im not sure weather i like or not lol.

Its half 2 in the morning =O time flys huh.
Oooh thankies :) oh and good luck to you! You didn't have a ticker but you posted earlier about losing weight? so...goodluck anyway :) lol
yes i just joined today so i havent got as far as working out the ticker thing im going to speak to my doctor when i make a appointment and see which way i should take things i guess. and thankyou.
Half two?? I just told my friend on msn I was going...I say JUST, it seems that it was 2 hours ago...oops!

Yea, I'm used to London, and free buses...and cars!! Now, it's a mile from the bus stop to my halls at uni!! Hehe oh well it's good for me :) and I haven't got a cop-out so yay!
.....Dohhh lol i know what you mean though im the same as you i am still here and still chatting haha.
everything here in wales is a slower pace of life i live on the coast so its quiet and some would say boring but i kinda like it lol.
Have you just moved there then? Oh, I love it here...but sometimes I do wish I could squish London on the side...5minutes down the road :p

Oh well eh? I think the coach to London is only £2 each way lol (family and friendlies live there still)

Oops, I got all confused - I didn't realise it had gone onto a second page!!

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