Foamy saliva???

Chunky Madwife

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Noticed this shortly after getting into ketosis. Its so weird!

I just feel like my mouth is watering all the time, and it's all frothy!

Mentioned it to OH who is also on Exante, and he is exactly the same.

My teeth feel nice and clean though, so whatever the reason for this oddness, it must be doing some good :)
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Not had that, but did have an incredibly sweet taste in my mouth last night! Had to go brush my teeth!

Think we are going to find lots of oddness, as we are doing something different to what we normally do :D


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My sister and I have both swapped from Lipotrim to Exante and we found the same on LT. I think it's an indication of dehydration, (not enough water in the saliva) which seems unbelievable considering the amount of fluid we drink but I suppose it's in direct relation to how much activity you do. Even just doing half an hour housework makes my saliva go foamy! Not nice but I just take in more water.


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i've found this whenever i am dehydrated = whether on a diet or not.
goes really white with lots of small bubbles.
water usually fixes it =]