Food to make you go hmmmm.......


Queen of the Damned
..... My DDs birthday today, so they are sat munching on pizza, there is chocolate cake in the fridge, and knocking back fizzy pop. Currently cursing myself for going back on SS yesterday :(

So what food makes you go yum!?!!
Mmmm chocolate cake is a big downfall for me as well as Chicken Tikka Masala from my local Indian. But of course I'm having neither at the moment. In fact the smell of chocolate makes me feel abit sick! But yet I can drink the chocolate pack!
But if I could choose something to eat right now it would be.......some MANGO! love it!

Kamilla x
OMG mango!!! Fresh, juicy - I remember the first time I did SS I was weaning the baby and she was having strawberries and mango - darn near killed me!! :eek:

Needed a bib yesterday when I was walking past the burger vans enroute to the footie!!!! I think at the moment Pizza and Curry are what I crave the most but to be honest I think any food would be heaven at the moment.
There is a burger van that sits outside Churchill Square in Brighton - they do the best quarter pounder with cheese and masses of onions....

....Yummy, this toffee & walnut mousse is really hitting the spot!! :rolleyes:
I think I just like everthing...

My smell seems to be very sensitive and I love to smell fruit and veg and chocolate...

Husband cooked a lovely chicken and fresh veggies with a bread sauce to go with it smelt great and it looked yummy, the potatoes were like balls of flour and I could see myself getting the butter and digging in...NOT:D

Love Mini xxx
Two large 14inch pizzas consumed - DH ate one of them practically to himself. Now if I can just get past the chocolate cake....
I am after reading on Mrs. Depp's already know what they taste like!!! They cause you to become fat:eek:

Not worth it...tomorrow you could be a couple of pounds down!!!

Stay strong, you can do this!!!

Love Mini xxx
It isn't the sweet stuff it is anything takeaway :(

Or steak cooked rare with peppercorn sauce and french beans :rolleyes:

Or pasta, or a roast dinner with lashing of gravy yorkies and meat.

Or pasta carbonara.

Or anything cooked by anyone else :D
Profiteroles, pork pies, steak and kidney pudding, sticky toffee pudding, chocolate pudding, muffins, bacon rolls, crumpets, haribo tangfastics, crunchy nut cornflakes, thorntons fountain marshmallows.
I used to keep "mopping up" the milk with another bowlful.

My gran used to get Jersey Gold Top milk and I used to have a little variety pack as a kid and get the top of the milk (as long as the birds hadn't pecked it) and pour it all over, it has a lump of cream on the top like a lighthouse.
OMG whatever happened to starlings?

They used to be everywhere round here breaking through the foil top of the milk sat on the doorstep waiting to be bought in. Now it all seems to be those bloody woodpidgeons and magpies :mad:
Dear COAM, as a devoted yorkie owner, I would very much prefer you not to consume them along with your roast dinner. Honestly, you had me really worried there for a minute!
Dear COAM, as a devoted yorkie owner, I would very much prefer you not to consume them along with your roast dinner. Honestly, you had me really worried there for a minute!

Don't worry Barb, your yorkies are safe whilst I'm ssing so it is in your best interests to keep me motivated :D
My Husband made the most delicious roast dinner today -Roast chicken, mashe dan roast potates, Fresh veg from my dads allotment, home made yorkshire puddings, Real gravy mmmmm.
Had to go out it smelt so good - luckily he had cleared up the leftovers by the time I got back!! :)