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Food to make you go hmmmm.......


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Well done to you D Q :D
didn't realise you were back on the packs....

At the moment I'd quite fancy a slice of ham or some chicken with salad but know that'd be a slippery slope! My downfall apart from chicken korma, special fried rice, onion baji's, chicken puri, and those pototoe things fried in batter, are kiddies sweets - love em :D still I can have them another time, just not now, am in the pink so not messing that up now, and need to get rid of this 10lb I put on last week and more!!

have a good day ya'll :p


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Hmmmm, Where do I start!
Freshly cut Bread with real butter, Doritos, Kebabs, Chinese all you can eat buffet! Party Food, ie sausage rolls, pizza, mini sausages, Cheese, Ok have to stop now as mouth is watering. Where's my glass of water...


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Blimey, I went to Wing Wah's in Birmingham - all you eat Chinese Buffet - I had to let my trousers out by the end of it all!! :eek: :rolleyes:

Mrs Rosie

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KFC, Chocolate, Pizza Hut,Chocolate, Kebab's, Chocolate, Chinese, Chocolate...............

Just about everything and a tiny bit of Choccy to finish off ;)

Kel xxx


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OOOOhhhhhh Chinese, what I wouldn't give for one now. My favourite and definately my biggest downfall (Sweet and sour chicken Hong Kong style with fried rice Yum yum).

I have had this craving for the past week and a half for a cheese roll. But not just any cheese roll, I have a very specific idea of what cheese, which roll and even how many slices of cucumber and tomatoes it needs to have!!

I need to get out more!

Jazzy x


Finally...Life begins
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Hmmm Aromatic Crispy Duck, I could eat about 10 in a row!

Kalamari! Yum!

Anything Chinese really!

I fancy dominoes pizza tonight!
Wonder what it will be tomorrow!
Even Stuffed Peppers! YUM!


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Isnt it funny how specific our cravings are, I have a few cravings but my main one has been for a ham sandwich and a bowl of thick tomato soup to dip it in to! Ive planned the bread type, and the make of ham too!

Not forgetting the chinese and the steak sandwich with onions!


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Angela....i'm with you girl on the Aromatic Crispy Duck thought!!!!!!:D :eek: