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Foods that are low in calories


A little of everything!
Any kinds of veg? I make a big pot of veg soup (usually either broccoli or cauliflower) and its easy to heat up and very filling?
How low is low?

I buy Turkey slices that are 100% Turkey breast and they are only 36 cals a slice.

Mixed salad with a low fat dressing is quite filling and very very low in calories.
I eat a lot of salad which is low cal and filling :)


A little of everything!
I eat a lot of salad which is low cal and filling :)
Me too, but try & add some protein (chicken, ham) or a few pieces of pasta to help keep you feeling full. I love my own cajun chicken salad- chicken breast cooked in cajun spices, cabbage, a dsp of mayo, lettuce, tomato, carrot & a little onion sprinkled with black pepper.
Yeh I made a lovely pasta and chicken salad the other night.

I had quite a few olives in it too, I love olives in salad mmmm.
salad,fruit,veg are the main staples of my diet!
and for snacks i have snackajacks for a savoury or sweet treat (50 cals for the caramel,62 for the chocolate) snackajack salt&vinegar popcorn is only 48cals a bag
oat cheerios 140 cals 40g bowl
alpen muesli 140cals 40g bowl
theres loads of cereal bars between 70-100 cals
skinny cow lollys between 87-90 cals
weight watchers yoghurts 50cals apot
total 0% greek style yoghurt - 78cals 150ml pot

theres loads just have a look in your local supermarket
I've been counting calories a little while now and eat loads for the amount of cals i'm having!
Strawberries! Just had a medium sized bowl of them and it was only 33 cals! most supermarkets have them on offer at the moment and the English ones are gorgeous!! :)


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Fresh fish, is low cal and you can make a goo dmeal with vege and even a jacket spud, or some brown pasta, noodles or rice.
Egg whites are good. You can add onions and stuff like that, and make a kinda omelette. If you have just egg whites and onion, it's uber low cal.
Sugar-free jell-o and vanilla frozen yoghurt is nice for a snack if you have a sweet tooth.
A nice one for if you fancy something sweet is freezing yoghurt from a big tub in an ice lolly making trey - makes you feel like youve had a treat and you can use low cal yoghurt so its only about 60 cals. Also i love making soup and a really filling one is butternut squash soup - just fry some onions, throw in the chunked squash add a tiny bit of water (lots comes out of the squash), throw in some nutmeg or paprika - you can also chuck in carrots or potato if you want, then boil well and blend - i sometimes put some greek yoghurt in as this would be a nice recepie with cream and the yoghurt does a similar thing. x
One of my favourite filling foods is Seeds of Change Spicy Lentil Soup - 180 calories per 400 gram pouch (if you're doing Food Focus it comes up much higher, I think it may be for an old recipe or entered wrongly). You can get it in Sainsburys and larger Tescos.

Oh, and I haven't succumbed yet, but if you get a chocolate or sweetie craving and fancy something a 2-finger Kit Kat (chocolate, mint and dark varieties) is only 107 calories for the whole bar
I've just checked on Seeds of Change's website and the calorific content they give on there for 100g of Spicy Lentil soup is completely different to the content for 100g given on the back of the sachet - I'm going to e-mail them to ask about this.

Another food I love to fill up on is beansprouts - just blanche them off in a pan of boiling water for no more than a minute (or they go too soggy), run under the tap to cool them and then drain them, sprinkle with a tiny bit of salt or paprika and they're a lovely crunchy snack
Well, Seeds of Change haven't responded to my email about the calorie discrepancy, so for the moment I'm working on the higher figure.

Also, I noticed today in Somerfields they have their low-fat range Chow Mein noodles in a pot flash marked at 119kc per pot (big circle on lid says "119 calories per pot", nutrition information bar below lists it as 199!) - I thought this was really low so check the nutrition information on the side, it's actually 199kc per pot - some of the pots are marked correctly and some aren't - how confusing!


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Is the soup a dry weight that changes when you prepare it?
I found calories in noodles confusing sometimes as it varies as to whether the cals stated are dry or cooked weight...
nah, the soup's a ready-to-heat satchet style. I still bloody love it, but the difference between the two listed amounts of calories is nearly the same as a blimmin' two-finger kit-kat - and I want my kit-kat!

Dry weight nut. information is a sod. As is "per portion" for the made up weight when they don't state what size a portion is (I would assume that a packet of couscous is one portion when the makers seem to think it's two -yeah, two sparrow portions, maybe)

I had some stewed apples last night (thanks Aliceinwonderland for the suggestion!) and they were bloody lovely. Also been snacking on ice-pops, the ones I've got are less than a calorie each, ok so they're only frozen drink but they're crunchy and take a few minutes to eat so they fill a satisfaction gap!
Seeds of Change have finally replied - the nutritional listings on the packets are correct, and the website is wrong (goody, because the packet listing is the lower one!) and they're sending me some vouchers to say thanks for emailing them - result!

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