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Forgive for I may have sinful thoughts thread

You knew I'd be first poster :eek: :D

2 bananas,
3/4 pack garibaldis,
1 baked potato marg,
reduced sugar/salt baked beans,
full fat red leicester cheese
and a fat reduced cocoa semi skimmed hot chocolate
well kay knowing our sarah(alottolose) she will have had it pmsl !!!!!!!!!!!

kay ur not that bad coz i tend to have a few at weekends too only vodka mind!!!!!!!!!!
The kids had dried apricots this morning as part of breakfast, my porridge would have been so much nicer with some, or raisins or dates or all 3. Hhmmm.

I seem to have got over the cheese one (although I've had some when eating out, maybe that's why).

I'm boring, I really crave fruit, I used to eat quite a lot.

Give me another month when it's cold in the evenings and I'll be craving chocolate too!
when i had the slice of chocolate cake last night i just thought how sickly lol strange ,i could of eaten another big steak though !!!!!!!!
well my shopping trolley yesterday had
6 bottles wine
goats milk (for the dogs)
eggs (for the dogs)
onion double gloucester
garlic and onion cheddar
applewood smoked chedder
hovis biscuits for cheese
cornish wafers
poppyseed crackers
jammy dodgers with cream
foxes viennese choc melts
iced gems (allowed on diet)
coco pops and rice crispy bars (allowed on diet)
ben and jerrys choc fudge ice cream
hasgen dazs praline ice cream
silly cow double choc lollies (allowed on diet)
ww starwberry cheescake (allowed on diet)
dog food (for the dogs lol)

What a good thread lol.
I did have chocolate on Dhs birthday and wine and vodka.
So another STS is going to happen for me this week. Its just too late in the week to be doing that
I put a lb on from Wednesday but that should go by tomorrow, Ive been the same all week
bah thats nothing. im going for 10lb gain this weekend lmao
The only protein you have in your shopping is for the dogs.:D Well, apart from the cheese.

I reckon 10 lb is doable if you eat/drink everything else (then you'll lose it just as quickly once you're back to the diet).

Bet you feel rough on Monday though (carb hangover). Still, enjoy!

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