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OK i am fed up now

i've been on the CD since 25th august and have lost just over 3 Stone, but for the past 3 weeks i've been freezing!! this especialy my feet and hands but generaly all over.

I spoke to my CDC about it and she said it's a phase i am going for , FFS how long is this phase going to last , i have to wrap up in tripple layers at work , i even have brought thermal socks and fingerless gloves for work.

It's only October, what am i going to be like come Winter ???
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Hi Luke,

Well done on losing three stone!:happy096:

Being cold is a side effect of ketosis and I suffer from it myself:winter_brr:

Putting on layers of clothes helps as if you get too hot:rolleyes: you can take off one layer at a time.

Good news is that you are probably burning mega fat to try and keep warm.

Keep a diary and see the weeks you feel coldest do you lose the most weight.

Love Mini xxx


Going for Goal!
I also suffer from feeling the cold. I have got myself into a routine of having a hot bath each evening and changing into joggers as a pj alternative. Followed by lots of white tea to warm up. I also invested in a foot spa - so lush on my ice cube feet!

Hugs x x x
Get some fluffy slippers, I think im living in mine now, and a permanent blanket, but good loss well done. :D
Hi Luke

Having done lighterlife before, I can really empathise with the feeling cold. So far I have been ok but I do keep wondering when the dreaded freeze will start.
That was one of the reasons that I tried to start CD as soon after my birthday as possible (end of May) but unfortunately I couldn't get the motivation and had a couple of false starts. I so wanted to be doing the diet during warm weather to see if it helped.
Bought my thermals from good old M & S, had electric blanket, wore several layers to bed and wrapped myself in a thick blanket, with high tog duvet over me. Drank all of my shakes hot, plus plenty of hot drinks like black coffee and the bouillion in between, even resorted to drinking boiled water to contribute towards the 4 litres a day.

And I still felt quite miserable! It would be very useful to read any other suggestions, as being so cold makes the diet that more tough.
Im just thinking about the bath part now, but yes pink fluffy boot slippers are the future and should be provided with the diet haha.
Thats it, i'm sold on the fluffy boots....off to get some tomorrow. Socks just don't cut it.

This is by far the most uncomfortable side effect ever, its been 23degrees on my thermostat and i'm still frozen. My hands actually looked a bit blue today. Spare duvet always at hand and i am seriously considering thermal undies! Can't imagine coping when winter comes......:winter_brr:
I AM ALWAYS COLD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Feels like nothing ever helps!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! x x
God knows what my heating bill will be like , i guess the CDC counciller was telling porkys when she said was a phase , i got thermal socks which i use and gloves with holes in , i am now looking at thermal vests.

Already have my Winter quilt on, but will be adding the Summer quilt onto it too i think.

Are electic blankets good, i didn't think they were safe, i will be putting a hot water bottle in the bed tonight!!
Hi Luke

I used an electric blanket to heat up the bed for about 15 minutes or so before I get in, then switched off blanket and had a couple of hot water bottles, have already got winter and summer duvets attached together.
I hope that they are safe if used in moderation.

I think I will have to resign myself to having the heating on more - I suppose I save money by doing CD as I used to spend a lot on food, plus eating out and alcohol.

Sending my sympathies - I am sure it will hit me soon!


please try again
just to let you all know, fluffy lined booties are in lidl

im sat here in my vest, jeans, lons sleeved top, jumper, thick socks, slippers and blanket but my toes are frozen
im always frozen in bed now and never thought about it connected to CD damn im thick, think its time for the winter PJs to come out and bed socks haha, making use of the dog a the moment he is a good back warmer.

Your right abougt the heating bill though Luke I keep slapping mine on and Hubs keeps turning off moaning its boiling and throwing more blankets on me.
off to millets to get a thermal vest/tshirt today ..... they are cheaper on ebay but you cannot try em on !

lol anything to keep me warm i think. Did look at electric blankets but they seemed more expensive than i thought they would be.


please try again
luke, keep an eye out in shops like lidl and aldi, even asda, tesco, morrisons etc as they sometimes get a batch in at decent prices
got my leccy blanket in tkmaxx
Pound Stretcher seem to always have blankets too.

Heres to being warm :23::winter_brr::xmascheers:


please try again
we will concour against jack frost! lol
Indeed haha, god its freezing today as well, where is the sun when you need it.


please try again
someone forgot to pay the electric bill so they turned the sun off

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