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I'm so cold!!

I went through this for about 3 weeks at the start of the diet and then started to feel OK.

Today I'm colder than ever, in fact my finger nails have got a bluey tinge to them! I thought that I was imagining it but my co-worker has just pointed it out to me!

Argh, think that the granny blanket is going to have to come out again....dont find all this drinking water helping my temp either, but need to keep it up!

Thanks for the rant!
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'Disposable handwarmers' I need to google them!

It's so funny, I'm majorly into my football and support my team from back home. Luckily I get to sit in the directors box so I can take all my gear in with me, it's comical though, all the men are sat there just in their normal suits no jacket, I have long johns, tights, trousers, coats (sometimes 2 if a man will lend me theres!!!) and a big blanket over my lap!

But the weight loss is worth it!
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I too am always freezing! I am the only woman working in an office full of men (not the delight this might seem...) and I'm sat there wearing four layers of clothing, and sometimes gloves and scarf, and they're there in their shirt sleeves. Mental. Brrrrrr! But have just come back from a jaunt to go and get a nice warm cup of coffee, pausing to stand against the radiator on my way past it!

Deb G

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Hmm....funny, but I never thought about this till now.....since I've been on RTM I've been feeling warmer. I'm only in Week 3, so my cals are only a couple of hundred more than in abstinence, but I suppose my body digesting the food is generating more heat now and making me feel warmer?

Got 6 stone less fat on me now, so thought I would be colder..... but then again, maybe I'm wearing more clothes now I'm not so frightened to layer them (wouldn't have dreamed of it when I was fat!!). Don't like having a bony bum though - can't sit on the hard science stools now......need a d*mn cushion!
Tell me about it, its been the story of my life since starting LL, i feel like an old woman on a daily basis. My whole body is always ice cold and its a horrible feeling!


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yeah I'm exactly the same always freezing! My hands are freezing right now infact, and I often have that bluey fingernails thing. My LLC says it'll be like that the whole time were in ketosis, it's your metabolism slowing down that causes it aparently, your body is trying to keep the important parts warm so extremities like your hands, feet, ears and nose tend to be freezing! I go to bed in full pjs, thick socks and sometimes even my fluffy dressing gown on nowadays

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Yes. You can.
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Bugger. I am NEVER cold. And I wish I was. I had to have a hysterecotmy when I was only 33. Since then, I have ALWAYS been hot. Too hot. So I was looking forward to being chilled. But in 9 weeks, I have not felt cold once!!! Maybe when I get smaller - I think you all are a lot less then me? Maybe then I will!!


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lol I keep saying that. I almost like it when I feel cold cos it's bizzare to say, but I always assosiciate being cold with being something only thin people say....so in a wierd way it makes me feel thin to say I'm cold heehe and I'm faaaaaarrrrr from skinny beleive me lol


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I'm always freezing - luckily where I am now I have my own office so my having the heating on doesn't really bother people that much .... though when someone used it while I was at a meeting they did complain!!!!

However in my new job I'm in a shared office ...... just hope that the radiator is by my desk!

My hands go so cold that they wrinkle up like they've been in water for hours --- woe is me ;)


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My 2nd and 3rd weeks were REALLY cold, then in week 4 I warmed up a bit.

Im now in Week 5 and I've upped my water intake by about another litre or so per day, and I've noticed the cold is back with a vengeance again.

Wonder if its related?

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